Talent Nomination Form

Talent Nomination Form

As a coach within a school or club we invite you to nominate a gifted player who you believe has the qualities to make the standard to be included in the Academy programme. To assist you with assessment we have provided ‘Talent Attribute’ definitions and ‘Talent Scoring Criteria’. Please note that a nomination will not mean automatic selection but it is a useful method to identify individuals and produce a summary of the players ability. We will also require the nominated player to provide a self assessment against the criteria

Talent Identification Scoring Criteria

1 – Unsatisfactory The player’s performance is consistently below expectations with little or no influence on the game.
2 – Improvement needed The player’s performance is below expectations with limited impact on the game.
3 – Meets expectation The player consistently meets expectation in performance attribute and at times possibly exceeds expectations that influence gameplay situations.
4 – Exceeds expectation The player consitently exceeds expectation, in the quality of performance, that directly impacts gameplay situations.

Talent Attributes & Definition 

Game Influence – Decision Making
The player will consistently make an effective choice of action in high pressure situations. To influence both attack and defence particularly in 1v1 situation.

Physical – Athleticism
The player is direct, moves with pace and control, can stop and change direction without losing balance, coordination or impact on the game.

Core Skills – Contested Groundball
The player is quick, resilient and determined to come away with the groundball. The player has an awareness to decide why, when and where to play for the ball or challenge opponent.

Core Skills – Passing / Receiving Under Pressure
The player maintains a high level of effective passing and receiving whilst under pressure from opponents.

Reflective – Responsive to Feedback
The player engages well with coaches and peers. The player uses feedback and own reflections to make positive changes to situations or areas of their game.