Girls Talent Pathway – Q&As

How do I move up to National squad?

As the diagram shows, from RA activity there is the opportunity to progress on to take part in the English Lacrosse Regional Tournament , for your age group.  Players will be continually assessed across all of these stages, before the final selections are made for the England U17 and U19 squads.

So what does this mean for you in terms of lacrosse activity over the next few weeks?  Well firstly there will be 7 training sessions at your RA.  These dates are standard across the whole country, displayed at the top of the page.

At these training sessions the coaches will be continually assessing you to monitor your progress.  Your route from here then depends on your age group.

This RA competition will be match-play based, and will involve selected players from 4 RA’s coming together to play against each other.   Following these sessions, players will identified to progress in to the U17 and U19 national squads training group.

How do I get into the academy pathway?
Teachers and Coaches should utilise the Talent Identification, syllabus sheets to ascertain if players are at a point in their development to be further developed. Nominations should be completed on line by the time set and agreed by English Lacrosse, which will be advertised on the web site

I missed the assessment dates, how do I get into the pathway?
If any player is identified during the year, their details should be sent into the English Lacrosse offices. They should have 2 references from coaches/teachers with a completed Regional Academy Nomination Form.

Download Regional Academy Nomination Form

Download Goalkeeper Criteria

Download Outfield Criteria 

They will then be checked by the National Talent Manager and invited to the next Regional Academy session for an assessment. Following that assessment they will be either invited to join the Regional Academy or given an action plan for further development before re-presenting themselves for future assessment

What if I can’t make all 3 training sessions?
Remember, if you do not make it into one of the squads for the RA Competition please don’t despair!  By reaching this level at all, you have been identified as a talented player.  You should therefore continue to work on your game at your club and/ or school who will help you try to progress through to RA activity again the following year.

Is there anything for current year 7?
There is nothing planned at present for this age group but this is something we will be exploring moving forward.  More information will be sent to PE teachers and coaches when an U13 programme has been implemented.

Can I attend different locations depending on dates?
Yes – but you will need to give a months’ notice so that the coaches can be informed and the feedback, assessment tool access affected. A key driver is that you should spend more time on a pitch than in a car. 

Cancellation Policy for Regional Academy Activity
Entry into the Talent Pathway of English Lacrosse via a Regional Academy is for a minimum of 7 days coaching and training. The cost for this programme has been determined based on facilities, coaches, equipment provided for the programme. Any days that are not coached in this programme due to circumstances outside our control will not be refunded. Examples of this would be, any severe weather forecast or warning, rain, ice, snow or wind. If any girl has a serious medical injury or condition we can refund only with a Doctors / Medical note. This will be paid pro rata. (Jane Powell English Lacrosse November 2014)