English Lacrosse Senior Management Group

Name: Mark Coups
Role: CEO
Contact Phone Number: +44 (0)161 231 1357
Descriptions of duties: Responsible for the management of English Lacrosse and the delivery of the targets set out in the Whole Sport Plan.
Qualifications and Experience:
23 years of practical experience in working in Sport Development
Start Date: 25/08/1989
Geographic Base: National Role


Name: Paul Coups
Role: National Education & Skills Manager
Contact Phone Number: 44(0)7801696537
Description of duties: National strategic lead for workforce development.
Qualification and Experience:
Paul has worked as a Lacrosse Development Officer, a Regional Officer and also an Area Manager. Paul was the England Men’s Head Coach for the Europeans in 1997, along with coaching the U19 England Men in 1999 . Paul is an A1 Assessor (City and Guilds) and holds a Certificate for Tutoring Sport (Level 3 VRQ 1st 4 Sport).
Start Date: 01/04/1996
Geographic Base: National Role, based in the Northwest.

Name: Dave Coldwell
Role: National Club Development Manager
Contact Phone Number: +44 (0)7917835151
Description of duties: Strategic lead for club development in the North East of England.  Lead officer for engagement with the University sector and BUCS. Part of the Management team that engages with Sport England.
Qualification and Experience:
Have held numerous job responsibilities within English Lacrosse’s National Development Programme. Started as an LDO in 1998.  First LDO to start their own lacrosse club, Welwyn Lacrosse Club.  Programme Manager for Hitchin and Welwyn LDO programmes 2001-2007.
Start Date: 01/09/1998
Geographic Base: National Role, based in the Northeast.

Name: Caroline Royle
Role: Marketing Manager
Contact Phone Number: +44 (0)7545778012
Description of duties: Strategic market planning, head of the marketing department, delivery of all marketing elements of the English Lacrosse Association. Communications, commercial activity, branding and positioning, press relations and lobbying.
Qualification and Experience: BA Hons Marketing Degree, Digital Marketing Diploma, Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing. 3 years experience in financial services marketing. 15 years as a Women’s Rugby Union volunteer therefore has experience in sport dynamics.
Start Date: 04/01/2005
Geographic Base: National Role but based in Manchester at the English Lacrosse Head Office.
Interesting Fact: I came 5th in Total Warrior 2011

Name: Jane Powell
National Talent Development Manager
Descriptions of duties: 
Leading the National Talent Programme for both Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse.
Qualifications and Experience: 
Worked in talent development and talent coaching for over 22 years and held numerous International Coaching positions.
Start Date: 
Geographic Base: 
National Role, based in the South.

Name: Lindsay Shaerf
Role: Office Manager
Contact Phone Number: +44 (0)161 231 1357
Descriptions of duties:
Managing the English Lacrosse Head Office and working with the EL accountant to maintain the finances for the organisation.
Geographic Base: Based in Manchester at the English Lacrosse Head Office.

English Lacrosse Head Office Staff

Name: Abi Merrill
Role: Events Co-ordinator
Phone: +44 (0)161 231 1357
Job Description: Abi successfully co-ordinates flagship events for the organisation including, National Schools, Flags, University tournaments and World Championships.
Qualifications & Experience: BA Hons Degree in Event Management from Manchester Metropolitan University, and has previously helped organise the 2010 World Championships in Manchester.
Interesting Fact: Abi went around the world for 8 months visiting over 11 different countries, experiencing all different cultures. Her favourite place was Cambodia and New Zealand.

Name: Sean White
Role: Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Phone: +44 (0) 161 231 1357
Job Description:
Manages all internal and external communications, in-house design requirements and the day-to-day running of all the English Lacrosse digital platforms.

Name: Richard Gartside
Role: Education & Skills Officer
Contact Phone Number: 07951044875
Descriptions of duties: 
Qualifications and Experience: 
Start Date: 
Geographic Base: National Role based from Head Office

Name: Neil Edgar
Role: Finance Manager
Description of duties:
Qualification and Experience:
Start Date:
Geographic Base: Based in Manchester at the English Lacrosse Head Office

Name: Cate Bale
Role: Finance Officer
Description of duties:
Qualification and Experience:
Start Date:
Geographic Base: Based in Manchester at the English Lacrosse Head Office

Name: Kerrie Lawler
Role: Office Administrator
Job Description: Kerrie joined English Lacrosse in August 2015 after graduating from Sunderland University. As the Officer Administrator Kerrie will be offering support to a number of people within the organisation, assisting with finance, events and courses.
Qualifications & Experience: Kerrie has just graduated from Sunderland University with a BSc in combined studies (Sport & Law) In her spare time Kerrie coaches multi-activity sport sessions for children in Greater Manchester who have disabilities and additional needs using her experience of playing many different sports.
Interesting Fact: I play for three badminton teams in three different leagues lacrosse Greater Manchester and Lancashire

Name: Karen Hughes
Role: Human Resource Manager, Certificate of Sponsorship Consultant and Lead Child Protection Officer
Contact Phone Number: +44(0) 7785763620
Description of duties: Manage the human resource process for the organisation, liaise with Border Agency regarding Certificates of Sponsorship, manages the Certificate of Sponsorship application process each year and ensures the organisation adheres to child protection legislation.
Qualification and Experience: Many years as a volunteer running a Lacrosse Club and working within the education sector. Instrumental in placing the organisation as a viable sponsor to ensure the continuation of the LDO and SCO development programme.
Geographic Base: National Role

Name: Hilary Coldwell
Role: Membership Database Officer
Description of duties: Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the English Lacrosse membership database.
Qualification and Experience: Good IT qualifications and years of experience working with the English Lacrosse database.
Start Date: 01/09/2010
Geographic Base: National Role, based in the Northeast.

English Lacrosse Regional Development Staff

Name: Doug Martin
Role:  North Development Officer
Phone: +44 (0) 7771 363593

Description of Duties: To provide support for Lacrosse Clubs and coaching in the North West of England.  To provide development support focused on a network of schools, FE Colleges and accredited Lacrosse Clubs.  To provide support for English Lacrosse’s National Education programme.
Qualifications & Experience: Doug has a Level 2 Lacrosse Coaching Qualification, as well as over 30 years of playing experience at club level, but has also represented both county and national teams throughout his career, playing for the England National team from 1992-98.

Name: Martin Cragg
Role: North West Officer & Boys National Academy Co-Ordinator
Phone: +44 (0) 7813 827 990
Start Date: 01/06/2011
Geographic Base: North

Description of Duties:
To initiate, grow and sustain lacrosse activities in new areas. This involves working with local authorities, primary and secondary schools, FE Colleges and Universities.
Qualifications & Experience:
Martin has nearly 10 years of experience working with community sport programmes, having started as a Community Football Coach whilst at University. Martin is also a Sports Development Officer at Timperley Sports Club where he co-ordinates and delivers coaching to local Schools.

Name: David Abini
Role: Talent Coordinator
Phone: +44 (0) 7743 220 307
Start Date: 05/12/2009
Geographic Base: Midlands

Description of Duties:
To work with local schools, clubs and universities to help and support them to grow and develop substantial Lacrosse Programmes.
Qualifications & Experience:
David has a degree in Sports Development and Business Management and has worked in the Sports Development sector with Birmingham City Council. David was once a School Coaching Officer and is currently a Level 3 Coach having previously worked with European and World Championships teams.

Name: Gabbi Simmonds
Role: South East Officer
Phone: +44 (0) 7751747027
Start Date: 12/09/2016
Geographic Base: South east (including London)

Description of Duties:
To develop and increase both participation and volunteering opportunities in Universities, schools, colleges and clubs. To implement community engagement initiatives, whilst linking with external organisations to promote the profile of the sport across the South East including London. To support the regional workforce by coordinating education courses, increasing the number of coaches and officials, and encourage links across all aspects of the game.
Qualifications and Experience:
Gabbi has a BA Hons in Sports Studies, and has worked in Sports Development with the London Borough of Richmond, colleges, schools, and more recently has spent the last 2 years working in disability sport whilst supporting community health and wellbeing programmes within a Sussex based Football Club. Gabbi has also been to South Africa to coach in the local townships, and has playing experience in a number of sports including rugby, swimming and handball. Gabbi has always had a very strong interest in Lacrosse having played it at university and is excited to be involved in the development of such a fast growing sport.
Name: Helen Murray
Role: South West Officer
Phone: +44 (0) 7743 894489
Start Date: 29/04/2013
Geographic Base: Southwest

Description of Duties:
To focus on increasing Lacrosse participation in Universities by using direct delivery, educational courses, co-ordination of Fresher Tournaments and encouraging University- Club links. Delivery of coaching to the WESPORT area, as well as liaising with County Sport Partnerships across the region to initiate activity in new areas within the region.
Qualifications & Experience: Helen started playing lacrosse at school and played for Kent at U15 & U19.She studied sport science at Edinburgh University where she carried on playing lacrosse and represented Scotland at U21, once she had completed her studies at Edinburgh she moved down to Exeter and did a Masters in Sport & Exercise Medicine. Having been a Level 2 coach since August 2012 Helen has helped to develop lacrosse in the South West area for the last year while also working for Exeter Uni lacrosse club as high performance manager.

Name: Nik Roberts
Role: South Development Officer
Contact Phone Number: +44(0)7734725258
Start Date: 01/09/2007
Geographic Base: South of England

Description of duties:
Working with the Lacrosse community to promote the growth of the sport at all levels. Liaising with Clubs, Education establishments, Government bodies, Charities and Sports providers to form links and improve the existing opportunities for people of any age, gender or ability to access Lacrosse.
Qualification and Experience:
Nik was one of the founding members of Bath Lacrosse club, leading to experience in Club regional development and management.  He has also helps manage the LDO/SCO process each year, being the key contact for the South.