Senior Management Group

Senior Management Group

Name: Mark Coups
Role: CEO
Contact Phone Number: +44 (0)8436585006
Descriptions of duties:
Responsible for the management of English Lacrosse and the delivery of the targets set out in the Whole Sport Plan.
Qualifications and Experience:
23 years of practical experience in working in Sport Development
Start Date: 25/08/1989
Geographic Base: National Role
Interesting Fact:  I love to cook!

Name: Paul Coups
Role:National Education & Skills Manager
Contact Phone Number: 44(0)7801696537
Description of duties: National strategic lead for workforce development.
Qualification and Experience:
Paul has worked as a Lacrosse Development Officer, a Regional Officer and also an Area Manager. Paul was the England Men’s Head Coach for the Europeans in 1997, along with coaching the U19 England Men in 1999 . Paul is an A1 Assessor (City and Guilds) and holds a Certificate for Tutoring Sport (Level 3 VRQ 1st 4 Sport).
Start Date: 01/04/1996
Geographic Base: National Role, based in the Northwest.
Interesting Fact: I started playing lacrosse when I was 5 years old.

Name: Dave Coldwell
Role: National Club Development Manager
Contact Phone Number: +44 (0)7917835151
Description of duties: Strategic lead for club development in the North East of England.  Lead officer for engagement with the University sector and BUCS. Part of the Management team that engages with Sport England.
Qualification and Experience:
Have held numerous job responsibilities within English Lacrosse’s National Development Programme. Started as an LDO in 1998.  First LDO to start their own lacrosse club, Welwyn Lacrosse Club.  Programme Manager for Hitchin and Welwyn LDO programmes 2001-2007.
Start Date: 01/09/1998
Geographic Base: National Role, based in the Northeast.

Name: Alan Holdsworth
Role: North Regional Development Officer
Contact Phone Number: +44(0)7770856029
Description of duties:
Managing Lacrosse activity in the North of England, from organising the recruitment and placement of North LDO/SCOs to over seeing the North INTO staff and sport development.
Qualification and Experience:
Many years as a volunteer running a Lacrosse Club and involvement with various ELA Committees.
Start Date: 01/08/2010
Geographic Base: Lincolnshire to North Yorkshire and Cumbria including Northwest and Merseyside.
Interesting Fact: I am the second oldest member of staff, although Nik Roberts looks older.

Name: Nik Roberts
Role: South Development Officer
Contact Phone Number: +44(0)7734725258
Description of duties:
Working with the Lacrosse community to promote the growth of the sport at all levels. Liaising with Clubs, Education establishments, Government bodies, Charities and Sports providers to form links and improve the existing opportunities for people of any age, gender or ability to access Lacrosse.
Qualification and Experience:
Nik was one of the founding members of Bath Lacrosse club, leading to experience in Club regional development and management.  He has also helps manage the LDO/SCO process each year, being the key contact for the South.
Start Date: 01/09/2007
Geographic Base: South of England.
Interesting Fact: I was born in Ghana, West Africa and am a Naval Architect by trade.

Name: Caroline Royle
Role: Marketing Manager
Contact Phone Number: +44 (0)7545778012
Description of duties: Strategic market planning, head of the marketing department, delivery of all marketing elements of the English Lacrosse Association. Communications, commercial activity, branding and positioning, press relations and lobbying.
Qualification and Experience: BA Hons Marketing Degree, Digital Marketing Diploma, Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing. 3 years experience in financial services marketing. 15 years as a Women’s Rugby Union volunteer therefore has experience in sport dynamics.
Start Date: 04/01/2005
Geographic Base: National Role but based in Manchester at the English Lacrosse Head Office.
Interesting Fact: I came 5th in Total Warrior 2011, will let you know how Tough Mudder goes in November.

Name: Erin Bevington (currently on maternity leave)
Role: Office Manager
Contact Phone Number: +44 (0)8436585006
Descriptions of duties:
Managing the English Lacrosse Head Office and working with the EL accountant to maintain the finances for the organisation.
Qualifications and Experience:University degree from Stonehill College in 2006.
Start Date: 01/09/2006
Geographic Base: Based in Manchester at the English Lacrosse Head Office.
Interesting Fact: I can recite all 50 (US) states in alphabetical order

Name: Jane Powell
Role: National Talent Development Manager
Contact Phone Number: TBC
Descriptions of duties:
Leading the National Talent Programme for both Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse..
Qualifications and Experience: Worked in talent development and talent coaching for over 22 years and held numerous International Coaching positions.
Start Date: 16/09/2013
Geographic Base: National Role, based in the South.
Interesting Fact: TBC