South East Regional Lacrosse Coordinator

Key Facts

Job ref no.
Date added
July 14, 2016
English Lacrosse Association
South East
Job type
Lacrosse Development
Closing date
August 5, 2016

Job Summary
To strategically work with key partners to coordinate, organise and promote delivery in identified geographic areas, which increases participation in lacrosse and contributes towards meeting English Lacrosse’s vision, mission and goals.

Primary Geographic Responsibilities: Kent, Hertfordshire, Surrey, London

Secondary Geographic Responsibilities: Essex, East Sussex, Bedfordshire, West Sussex, Cambridgeshire

Other Areas (non-priority)- Norfolk, Suffolk

Strategic Working with Volunteers, Schools, HEI’s and Partners
1. To create and implement local delivery plans with community clubs and other partners to achieve identified growth objectives.
2. To work in partnership with identified key volunteers, teachers, regional Lacrosse Associations, and partners to deliver and monitor identified performance measures.
3. To manage and coordinate new and existing development programmes.
4. To strategically identify which areas, partners and programmes to prioritise and work with.
5. To work and communicate with agreed key partners including County Sports Partnerships, community clubs, key facility providers, Local Authorities, FE colleges, universities, and EL commercial partners.
6. To access local funding support and signpost potential clubs, coaches, officials and volunteers to relevant schemes.
7. To work with priority facility development projects to identify potential lacrosse usage, access funding and ensure developments meet the needs of the local area.
8. To provide regular and robust monitoring information as required by the Senior Management Group to monitor the effectiveness of local delivery in line with national English Lacrosse measurements.

Key Tasks

Increasing Adult Participation
1. Organise, promote, implement and monitor EL delivery initiatives to increase adult participation, including INTO and Field offers in clubs, schools and universities
2. Identify and deliver geographic areas to create new and expand existing community clubs
3. Develop and sign post INTO and Field participants to relevant exit routes including competitions, leagues and clubs.
4. Implement partnerships between clubs, alumni groups and universities to improve retention from university leavers to community club.
5. Organise, lead or coach agreed INTO sessions at FE, HEI or clubs.
6. Engage with and guide identified Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) institutes to implement the EL offers.

Children and Young People
1. Coordinate local partners to plan and support the delivery of POP, INTO and volunteering/leadership initiatives.
2. Work with schools, clubs and community groups to develop new junior clubs, junior sections and satellite clubs to increase the number of young people participating in lacrosse.
3. Work in conjunction with identified clubs, schools and HEIs to deploy development staff effectively in the young people area.

Out of Hours Recreational Camps
1. Organise and coach and/or umpire agreed holiday / recreational camps.

Coaching and Officiating Courses
2. Organise coaching and officiating courses in identified areas.
3. Support the Education & Skills Officer in tutoring and assessing identified coaching courses.
4. Support and deliver the induction courses for new development staff.

Commercial and Marketing
1. Promote EL programmes, courses and products.
2. Promote EL club affiliation and to increase the number of registered members.
3. Provide support and information to the communications team in delivering the EL message.

1. Undertake such duties as may be required from time to time as are consistent with the responsibilities of the post and the needs of EL
2. Represent English Lacrosse on internal and external working groups and committees as required and commensurate with overall duties and responsibilities of the role.

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