Men’s Lacrosse Rule Changes

An address to Men’s Clubs and Universities

English Lacrosse Association – Men’s Rules

At the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) General Assembly last year a number of changes to the Men’s Rules were agreed.

Rule Changes

These have been reviewed by the Men’s Playing Committee / Referees and Rules and the proposal is that:

a) All the changes, with the exception of that relating to Mouth Guards (Rule 17.1, paragraph 4.1 of the changes), be incorporated into the English Lacrosse Rules with effect from September 1st 2013.
b) To provide time for the purchase of Mouth Guards and for players to familiarise themselves with using them introduction of 17.1 is delayed until September 1st 2015
On the assumption of agreement the English Lacrosse Rules will be updated to reflect these. A copy will then be sent to each Club / University and be placed on the English Lacrosse web site.

Any queries on the proposed changes should be addressed to the Peter Davidson, Chair of the MPC Referees and Rules Committee.

All voting members of English Lacrosse who have a men’s team are entitled to vote on this proposal.

please advise Ron Balls, by April 15th, at the latest whether your club is in agreement with the proposals or not. Absence of a response will be interpreted as agreement.

Ron Balls
English Lacrosse Men’s Playing Committee