UK VISA and Immigration Update

English Lacrosse has been advised by the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) that they have identified concerns with the sponsorship license used to certificate Non-European workers to coach lacrosse in the UK.  English Lacrosse has been allowed 20 working days to respond to the UKVI and English Lacrosse staff are doing all they can to resolve the situation, however, it is an extremely serious circumstance for the governing body to deal with.

The concerns that have been raised by UKVI are:

  • English Lacrosse is operating as a employment business, not a National Governing Body
  • The female lacrosse coaches employed do not coach at a high enough standard

English Lacrosse Actions

  • Set up a helpline for individuals and programmes
  • Personally telephone each effected individual in the USA to provide a personalised update on the situation
  • Personally telephone each effected club, schools and university in the UK to provide a personalised update on the situation, understand their priorities to develop a short term action plan
  • Developed internal and external assessment and briefing documents
  • Engaged key stakeholders and individuals to assist in resolving the situation such as politicians, companies and Sport England
  • Launched an awareness campaign
  • Identified and engaged a legal company to assist in our response to UKVI

 English Lacrosse will provide regular updates.

Media Enquiries: Caroline Royle 07545778012