High Performing Clubs

The criteria are designed to ensure that High Performing Clubs have relevant coaching support in place to provide opportunities for all participants from beginner to elite. The criteria, has been developed through the English Lacrosse Performance Committee in conjunction with the Sport England Talent Team and Sports Coach UK. For more information regarding High Performing Club status please contact: info@englishlacrosse.co.uk

English Lacrosse Performing Club Criteria Essential Desirable
Playing Standard
1st teams competing in Highest eligible league
Junor programme in place
2nd or development teams for each club section
Coaching Standard
English Lacrosse Qualifed Level 3 coach
English Lacrosse Qualifed Level 2 coach per club section
Coach Mentor Programme in place
Player to coach ratio 1:10
Officiating Standard
Level 2 or higher for each club section
English Lacrosse Specific Requirements- Community Development
Community engagement programme with schools and other youth community groups
Community engagement programme to attract new adult participation
Community development officer in post- full time
Community club development officer in post- part time
Long Term Development Plan in place
Yearly Action Plan in place
Utilise EL Club Dashboard
English Lacrosse Specific Requirements- Coach Development
Annual coach workshop
Identified assessor and tutor
Annual level 1 coaching course
Level 2 coaching course every 2 years
English Lacrosse Specific Requirements- Talent Pathway
Provides talent coaches for academy system
Implement training programmes for club talent players
Player profiling for talented club players