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Glory clinch the Best & Brightest title in a tense final

The final game of the 2012 Best and Brightest series saw a rematch between Honour and Glory both teams had a lot to prove and everyone was expecting an epic final and thankfully they weren’t to be disappointed…

Honour came out strong and took the lead with key goals from midfielders Ruby Smith and Keely Watt, Glory failed to capitalise on their shots and saw them trail Honour 7 – 4 at half time.

The second half saw Glory come back fighting quickly closing the gap with goals from Annie Hillier and Torz Anderson.   Throughout the second half there were opportunities for both teams but neither were able to finish their chances and the score at full time was 8-8.

For the first time in Best and Brightest history there was a chance for a team to take the title by scoring the golden goal.  Both teams lined up at the draw knowing that they needed to gain possession to put them at an advantage.  Glory came out on top strong defensive play saw them dispossessed by Honour.   An early shot from Honour was saved and Glory answered back with one of their own but failed to convert.

The first three minute half was over and the game was nail bitingly close going into the final 3 minute period.  Honour gained possession at the draw but Glory’s Lucy Lynch managed to turn the ball over causing a fast break opportunity – the ball was swung to Charlotte Lytollis who scored to win the series for Glory.

Words by: Alex Bruce | Photo’s by: Paul Brett