Building the Lacrosse Foundation

The Lacrosse Foundation is looking for new trustees from a range of backgrounds within the lacrosse community to volunteer to help the trust expand its activities.

The Lacrosse Foundation is the sport’s newly reformed and only charitable fund raiser. The Foundation is looking for people with energy and enthusiasm for lacrosse to help grow the game.

Due to a recent bequest, the Lacrosse Foundation has recently received a substantial sum which is now available for the benefit of lacrosse. The trustees wish to use this legacy as a platform to create a national charity and widen our involvement in growing the game. Changes have already been agreed with the Charity Commission to enable the charity to carry out a wider role.

The Foundation requires an enhanced skill base in the trustee team so that we can build the infrastructure needed to support a national charity. As such The Foundation is now looking to recruit people onto the trustee board to drive the new changes and deliver the wider remit.

Trustees would be responsible for the governance of the trust under the terms of its deed. They would need to draw up and implement a business plan and ensure an administration system is in place that meets the needs of a national sports trust.

The Foundation’s objectives are to:

  • create a national charity that assists the national governing bodies, their members and others to raise funds for specific projects to develop lacrosse.
  • use its assets to grow lacrosse.
  • develop new and diversified income streams to support lacrosse.
  • raise further funds for this purpose.

A role description of the skills the Lacrosse Foundation are looking for can be found HERE

To apply for a position with the Lacrosse Foundation, please email Rob Collinge at robcollinge@tiscali.co.uk with an accompanying CV.

Similarly, for further information contact Rob at the above email address or on 07976937990.