Captains Blog – England U19’s – Final Preparation

With Team England’s first game only two days away, Richard Gartside and his coaching team have been busily preparing his team to face the creators of the game the Iroquois. Team Captain Josh Hurry gives us another look inside the camp as the team ready themselves for the week ahead.

Day 3

Early starts are becoming normal, as we started again for a 7:30 stretch. We left for training for a start for 10, but after the tiring day before the morning session was a gentle walk through where we ran through plays. This was perfect as we started to perfect some key parts of our game. We returned to the hotel for some lunch and a little relaxation before having a team meeting/nap. We looked through video after video to help us understand the plays better, however after an exhausting day of training almost everyone fell asleep for the 2 hour video session.

After a little encouraging speech from our coach Nick Hewitt we went out for our last session of the day focused. We ran through the drills we practised in the morning with success and precision. We introduced some new plays which also worked a treat in our 6 on 6 drills. After a little practice through the ride and clear, we decided to call it quits after training an extra hour. However during this session we saw some more injuries to the team, but after sitting out they seem to be fine and ready to continue in the rest of our tournament. After the ice baths and showers, we all ate our dinner and began to wind down for dinner.

Day 4

We had the same morning routine as normal and were on the field for training at 10, Richard Gartside had to attend a meeting to confirm the final squad and a few other things so was unable to run training. Therefore Nick Hewitt and birthday boy Chris Wainer ran training, in which we concentrated on our handling and also some transition drills. We also had a jog that coincidentally ended up with us stretching next to the pitch where Canada and Scotland were having a scrimmage game.

After training we had lunch and then were told that we would have no team meetings in the afternoon and that training was later than normal in the evening. This left us with an afternoon of free time, during which the team had a FIFA tournament, spent time in the Jacuzzis and generally just chilled out. During this time the team also took the opportunity to have any injuries or niggles looked at by Danny Moody and Adrian Saunderson who are working very hard making sure everyone is fit for trainings and the tournament.

For the evenings training session Eric Koch had arrived from America so he spent time at the beginning of training with the short sticks working on our attacking plays, whilst the defenders and goalies worked on fundamentals. At the end of the session we ran through our clears and rides plus some 6v6.

After getting back to the hotel later than normal, everyone showered then ate dinner with some of the American team, before doing our evening stretches then heading off to bed.

You can follow the progress of the team by following them on Twitter: @EngU19sLacrosse

Team England will play Team Iroquois in their opening game on Friday 13th July. You can watch all of Team England’s game’s LIVE on the tournament web stream: HERE