Centurions Help Start New Lacrosse Clubs


The Centurion Lacrosse Club, a community of lacrosse supporters. Centurions help start new lacrosse clubs. Funds generated by annual membership fees and donations are utilised to provide practical support to new lacrosse clubs in all geographic areas. If you are a lacrosse fanatic and want to see the game you love grow and flourish, then this is the organisation for you. Not only will your annual membership fee directly influence the growth of the sport but you will also be invited to attend many social events with like minded lacrosse supporters. Join the Centurion community today by completing the registration form at the bottom of this page.


Before making any commitment we vet the potential new club and, providing they have shown a commitment as well, usually by having their own sticks and goals, we will supply a starter kit of ten helmets and pairs of gloves.
To date we have been responsible for:

•        31 new universities taking up the game
•        4 new clubs being formed
•        Assisting existing clubs with their development
•        Helping younger players attend lacrosse summer camps

In the last year we have provided starter kits to:

•        Bournemouth University Lacrosse Club
•        Glasgow Lacrosse Club
•        Hull Lacrosse Club Schools Programme
•        Langley School, Norwich
•        Norwich Lacrosse Club
•        Plymouth Lacrosse Club Schools Programme
•        Settlebeck School, Sedburgh
•        University of the West of England Lacrosse Club

If we are to continue with this work, and capitalize on the boom lacrosse is enjoying at the moment, then we need more money, which means new members. An annual subscription is £35, help develop the game further and give you that feel good factor, knowing you are helping the game you love.


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