Chumash Lacrosse?

Ever played or even heard of Chumash Lacrosse before? England’s first ever tournament is taking place this year (July 5th) in South London.

What is Chumash?
Chumash is a fast 3v3 game of Lacrosse played in a caged environment with a goal that’s 1 foot wide by 6 feet tall. It’s fast paced crease attack and defence, if you think you’re a good attacker or defender, this is where you prove it! You can field 5 in a squad.

Where is it taking place?
The tournament will take place at The 5-a-side Soccer Centre in Sutton, South London. SM39BY. With 5 in a squad you will be able to fit in the one car and there is a fully licensed bar on site.

How can I find out more information?
A full list of rules as well as videos on Chumash and details about the tournament can be found at the following link. Alternatively to book straight into the tournament go to you can also email or just message us on Facebook.

The tournament organisers are looking for referees for the day.