England Lacrosse U19 Women USA Tour Blog 3

Day 6
This morning we said goodbye to our billets who, had kindly welcomed us for the past two nights. We set off to LAX World in Towson, Maryland where we treated ourselves to the vast amount of lacrosse kit and equipment. We continued our journey, heading to Baltimore’s Inner Habour, to see the magnificent boats and shops.

We then jumped onto the bus to take us to Washington DC to play our next match against Capital. The A’s came up against their toughest opposition yet, although having a short warm up they stayed strong as a team and started the game confidently. With some fantastic attack and defence they were able to score in the final 30 seconds of the game, to end the game with a draw of 7-7 a great performance from the A’s. The b’s started strong, however came up against strong attack and defence. With some great set ups to goal and draws, unfortunately loosing 4-14. After a long day for our squad we arrived at the Savoy Suites hotel in Washington, which we will be where we are spending our last 3 nights of the tour

Day 7
On the final day of playing lacrosse, we headed to Georgetown Visitation for a coaching session with Denise Wescott, a world renowned coach. Although it was the hottest it had been for the duration of the tour, with temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius, everyone persevered and thoroughly enjoyed the coaching session. It was an honour to be coached by such a prominent figure in the world of lacrosse.

After the coaching session we went back to the hotel to get some lunch and rest for a couple of hours before we headed of to our final match. The B’s played first against the club API in their closest match of the tour.  After powering through the sweltering heat and some fantastic play by all players the team only narrowly lost 9-10. The A’s played next against a different club, Heroes, one of the best club teams in the area.  It was our toughest game of the tour; a game that challenged us to take our game to the next level both physically and technically.  We fought hard, but unfortunately lost to the superior team on the day, 3-15.  After the long and tough day we headed back to the hotel where our beds were calling us for a much needed rest.

Day 8
After a tough week of lacrosse we all thoroughly enjoyed our rest day! We woke feeling refreshed after our first lie in and ready to conquer the themepark. On arrival we all quickly dispersed. Some of us made our way to the more thrilling roller coasters, whilst others headed to the more relaxing water park to enjoy the water rides and to catch some rays by the pool. Unlike the roller coasters in England there were rides where you stood up and lay on your back, which was a new and exciting experience. Surprisingly the queues were very short, which meant we were able to go on many different rides.

In the evening we had our final meal of tour at a local Mexican. We were greeted by friendly waitresses and bowls of ‘chips and dips’.  After a short wait, our delicious food arrived and we quickly demolished it. Overall it has been an incredible tour.  We would like to thank our coaches and Sweet Chariot, for organising everything and making it so successful.

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