eng v ger semi (60)

England make the European Finals

Semi-finals versus Germany

It was guns at dawn (sun’s out guns out) for the England team as they woke early for the semi-final versus Germany. The game was played in a large stadium that was dwarfed by the heaving crowds that had turned up at this late stage in the week to see team England perform.

Despite having previously beaten the Germans comfortably, England were determined to once again assert their dominance on the match.  There were minimal conditions on the game, Coach Butt having instructed England to draw on all new tactics they have worked on throughout the tournament and to start with a strong first 10 minutes.  The players responded well, with 4 quick goals from Smith, Watt, Smith, Plant.

The umpires were strict on following through after shots and awarded captain Katy Bennett her first yellow card in 12 years of International lacrosse as well as giving one to yellow card regular Alex ‘5 from 6’ Bruce.

England kept their heads together and the crowds continued to cheer as the team continued to score, with the half time tally at 12-1.

The team talk was centered on maintaining shape in the attack and stopping the German passes in midfield transition. This was implemented in the second half with some fantastically athletic interceptions from midfielder Emily Gray.  The goals racked up for England although 2 free positions saw Germany total 3 goals. England rallied after these to maintain strong possession right until the final whistle.

Overall score was 20-3. England are now conscientiously preparing for the final against the Welsh team tomorrow having watched them narrowly beat the Scottish in the second semi-final.