English Lacrosse Announce University Roadshow

English Lacrosse is pleased to announce an upcoming roadshow for university students. The roadshow will be touring England over the next couple of months ensuring to visit every region where the game is played.

The aim of the programme is to provide information to university students, coached and athletic union representatives aware of the support that they can receive from English Lacrosse and exciting opportunities currently available.

“The HE lacrosse market has been a major growth area for lacrosse. The roadshows are an excellent opportunity for us to work with students to improve their lacrosse experience while at university, and also of the growing opportunities when they leave.” Participation and Communities Manager, Dave Coldwell

The roadshow will focus on four key areas including:

  1. Help with club/university development utilising the English Lacrosse regional development staff
  2. Lacrosse playing opportunities post-university and how lacrosse universities can support the continued growth of the game
  3. Opportunities for work experience and volunteering in lacrosse including information on opportunities to work with English Lacrosse at the upcoming 2017 and 2018 World Championships.
  4. Highlighting full-time employment opportunities in lacrosse, informing students about what job roles are available.

The first roadshow will take place at the University of Birmingham on Thursday 12th November at Munrow Lecture Theater (7.30-9.30pm). All roadshows are free to attend and are open to all students regardless of what university you attend or are associated with. English Lacrosse are looking to hold eight roadshow evenings before the end of the year.

University Roadshow Registration Form