English Lacrosse – Important UK Visa & Immigration Statement


English Lacrosse has been advised by the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) that they have identified concerns with the sponsorship license used to certificate Non-European workers to coach lacrosse in the UK.  English Lacrosse has been allowed 20 working days to respond to the UKVI and English Lacrosse staff are doing all they can to resolve the situation, however, it is an extremely serious circumstance for the governing body to deal with.

English Lacrosse has been organising and administering the overseas coaching programme since 1982 without experiencing any visa certification issues, so this situation is unprecedented and unique to us. 

English Lacrosse is acutely aware that the 2015-16 programme is due to start in the next 4 weeks and to ensure that questions are answered and to provide general information on the situation we have set up the following helplines

Non – EU lacrosse coach helpline contacts

Dave Coldwell (44) 1434 602639 Programme Director

Karen Hughes (44) 7785 763620 HR Manager

Programme Manager helpline contacts

Joe Burnett        07534 498835 South East

Nik Roberts        07734 725258 South and South West

Doug Martin       07771 363593 North

Martin Cragg      07813 827990 North

Paul Coups          07801 696537 Midlands

We are asking all associated with the programme to contact us over the next 48 hours as we work on resolving this situation.