English Lacrosse / UK Visa & Immigration Update

Urgent update regarding the 2015/16 overseas programme

In the meeting of the 18th August it was understood that UKVI would provide feedback to English Lacrosse about the 2015/16 overseas coaching programme by the 7th of September. Unfortunately as of the end of the working day today English Lacrosse has not received this update.

English Lacrosse and UKVI have enjoyed an open, ongoing dialogue to bring about a positive solution to this situation and we are confident we will receive feedback soon. As I am sure you are all aware there are other immigration issues that are being handled by the Home Office and UKVI at this current time.

Members of the lacrosse community in the UK have achieved greater awareness of this situation by highlighting to their local MP the loss of lacrosse opportunities for youngsters in their constituencies. Over 30 MPs from Hexham to Hampstead have written to the Immigration minister about the suspension. In addition to this the online petition continues to garner support, with over 6000 signatures. Thank you to the lacrosse community and our stakeholders for all the support you have shown, it is making a difference and providing hope for a positive outcome.

We would also like to point out that whilst our license is under suspension, 20% of the overseas coaching programme has continued. 16 members of staff with active visas, supported by English Lacrosse’s extensive volunteer network are working with schools and clubs to deliver lacrosse and maintain the elite pathway. UK based coaches have also been recruited to assist with maintaining the programme whilst we seek a positive outcome.

Over the last week English Lacrosse has been working to achieve a meeting with government representatives and UKVI. We will continue to keep you updated with information as it becomes available.