Coaching at Triple Arrow?

Interested in working at Triple Arrow 2017?
Triple Arrow Camps are proud to employ a team of highly experienced coaches on each of our camps.
Coaches will work with campers of varying ability including beginners, intermediates and experienced representative level players.

Over the course of the camps coaches are required to guide campers through drills, activities and games under the direction of the Head Coach, in addition coaches are expected to take part in the evening duties with residential campers.

If you’re interested in working at any of our camps we currently have limited spaces for camp leaders and coaches with level 1 and level 2 qualifications.

Work based Learning Programme:

The English Lacrosse Work based learning programme allows coaches to gain their level 2 qualification whilst working at our camps.
Successful applicants will be provided accommodation and food for the duration of the week and will undertake theory sessions in the evenings and practical delivery sessions during the day.

In order to successfully apply for this programme applicants must be 18 years old at the time of the camp and meet the necessary pre-requisites of the Level 2 coaching qualification.
Please note there are only limited spaces on this programme and successful applicants will be contacted directly.

If you successfully complete all required units of the course during the week you will be awarded your Level 2 qualification.

If you are interested in coaching at our camps or partaking in our work-based learning programme please complete the form below.

Triple Arrow Coaching

  • Please state what role you would be looking to take at camp and describe your lacrosse (playing and coaching) experience and any additional sports coaching experience you have?