Have your say on the game

National Lacrosse Committee is conducting surveys into the Men’s and Women’s game to get your opinion on proposals and changes to the current national structure and allow you to have your say in helping to shape the future of lacrosse in England.

Men’s Competitive Review

The National Lacrosse Committee (NLC) is looking to complete the final consultation of the Men’s Competitive Review, proposing recommendations to make changes to men’s lacrosse ranging from youth to senior levels, as well as elite performance.

The survey will then allow NLC to agree or amend the final proposals based on the feedback from the game and agree an action plan to begin introducing the changes to the game.

The purpose of the Men’s Competitive Review, conducted in 2015, was to develop a modern competitive offer to assist in the further expansion of lacrosse in schools, the university sector, and the club network in England.

The proposals cover a range of areas including changes to the competition calendars, playing rules and coaching and officiating requirements.

The NLC has worked with a number of volunteers and staff to finalise these proposals and would like to thank all involved for their efforts in contributing to the production of the review and its proposals.

Men’s Competitive Review survey

Women’s Competitive Review

In 2013, changes were implemented to the women’s game following a review conducted by the Women’s Playing Committee (WPC) into the playing structure in order to analyse the existing framework of competition and provide proposals for developing the current structure to meet the increasing demands of all those participating in the women’s game.

Four years on, WPC would like to receive feedback to see whether the changes made have been effective and achieved what was planned when introduced back in 2013. This time period has allowed for all the changes to be established and the new playing structure to be settled and in effect for a period of time.

However, as we are always continually looking to improve and develop the game, we would like to know what you think of the changes and any ways in which you feel the current systems could still be further improved.

Women’s Competitive Review survey

We would like to thank you for taking the time to complete the surveys and for all your assistance in helping to develop our sport.