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Canada Edge England In Golden Goal Thriller

England’s Alex Drewe opened the scoring in the first 2 minutes of this exciting fixture, ever impressive Liv Wimpenny providing the assist. England retained possession from the draw but Canada’s pressure caused a turnover through Emily Sarah allowing Kenzie Neal to provide the assist for Holly Llyod and level the scores. England again won the draw and Liv Wimpenny was unlucky to hit the post in attack, but excellent work in defence by Amelia Miller regained possession for England allowing Alex Drewe the opportunity to get her second goal in the game, England 2-1 up.

Liv Wimpenny continued her dominance at the draw and gave England possession, though Canada were able to cause a turnover and Mimi Ruiz performed her first save of the game in the England goal. Alex Drewe asked questions of the Canadian goal keeper, which she was able to answer and the ball returned to the Canadian attack. After hitting the post and shooting wide Canada’s Emily Sarah added to her tally to level the game. England continued their dominance at the draw but Canada were able to add two further goals to finish the 1st half 2-4 up.

At the start of the second half Tilly Shires gained draw possesion, hard work in midfield allowed Taya Jackson to score past the Canadian goalkeeper. 3-4 Canada.

Canada won their first draw and gained a free position, Mimi Ruiz equal to the task. England were able to clear and force a free position of their own, which Tilly Shires converted to level the score 4-4.

Canada again gained possession at the draw, and Alice Cranwell received a yellow card placing pressure on England’s defence. England’s Mimi Ruiz again kept the Canadians out and cleared to reverse the pressure. England’s Liv Wimpenny able to put England into the lead with 10 minutes remaining on the clock. However Canada showed their class with 2 quick goals, pinning England back to 5-6.

England’s defensive pressure forced the Canadians shot wide and good midfield play encouraged Canada to commit a foul and receive a yellow card. The momentum was back with England. England’s instrumental Wimpenny again providing the assist for Freya Jackson to level the score.

Canada’s Solena Lasota took control winning the draw, then collecting a ground ball. Feeding Erica Evans, who in turn assisted Danita Stroup who scored to take Canada into the lead once more, 6-7 with 5 minutes remaining. Canada won the draw and immediately called a timeout, 1.49 on the clock. Possession was traded between the sides over the remaining minute. England failed to clear but Canada committed a foul on Alex Drewe to give England the ball with 34 seconds on the clock. Liv Wimpenny provided the outlet to feed Feenie Ruiz who scored to take the game into overtime.

The Ruiz sisters combined to put England into the lead. Mimi saved a shot from Canada’s Megan Kinna and Feenie converted a free position. England 8-7.

In the second period of overtime Mimi Ruiz kept England’s lead by saving a free position from Canada’s Lasota. However, Canada showed their experience and forced a goal with 13 seconds remaining to take the game into Golden Goal territory.

Canada controlled the draw and immediately pressured England’s goal. Mimi Ruiz saved their first attempt but was unable to keep out the quick hands of Lydia Sutton who scored to take the game for Canada.

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