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Clinical Win against the Host Nation

Match 2: The Netherlands

The England team were ready to take to the pitch clued up with tactics and improvements on yesterday’s game after a productive video analysis session with Will Oldham last night. They kept cool heads despite the seething orange crowds who were cheering for the home team and whose spirits had not been dampened by the inclement weather. On arrival at the pitch, the England team were surprised to see the Dutch had opted for the conventional astroboots as opposed to the more traditional clogs.

Once again England started strong and by successfully implementing the conditions from the coaches, the team racked up 15 goals in the first half and one yellow card- a second in the tournament for Alex ‘I don’t see defenders in the way of goal’ Bruce. However, overall discipline was much improved across the pitch as this had been a focus for the day.

The high concentration of the first half dropped off momentarily in the second half allowing one goal to be conceded, but a further 8 goals were scored by England bringing the final result to 23-1.

Once again there was a wide range of players on the score sheet with Sophie Brett featuring highly and notably, defender Annie Hillier, putting away a stupendous goal from an England set play.

A second solid team performance from the England Women who face Switzerland tomorrow (bring on the cow-bell wielding supporters!).

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