England Battle to Defeat a Strong Japan

England faced a tougher test in their second match of the FIL Rathbones U19 World Lacrosse Championships. Japan, who were playing England due to a necessity to re schedule the Championship games, came out with vigour. They scored 3 unanswered goals in the opening 10 minutes. England were struggling to keep up with the dynamic attack, being put off their stride by a smaller stature of attacker. England called a timeout and Coach Budd gave direction to the players. It worked, England came back to the field and scored 4 goals in quick succession.

Once England understood their opponents, they secured the game with a 10-5 victory.

England Scorers:

Alex Drew – 2
Alice Cranwell – 2
Luci Delaney – 2
Liv Wimpenny – 3
Tara Jackson – 1

IMG_9522 IMG_9483 IMG_9722 IMG_9731 IMG_9747 IMG_9402 engvjap