England overcomes Ireland

Team England starts the defence of the European title with a hard-fought win over Ireland 11 – 7.

The first quarter opened with Team England scoring the first goal of their campaign on an Ady Bennett trademark poacher’s inside goal. Ireland replied with a coast-to-coast goal with long pole Ryan Licht ripping a shot from 15 yards to bring the game level. Initially struggling to control possession from the X, England soon found their composure and grit to gain the lion’s share of the ground balls in the opening quarter. England were successfully converting possession to shots but were thwarted by an excellent performance by Connor Sweeney, the Irish goalie, who kept them in the game all the way through the fixture.

The second quarter was definitely England’s best quarter as England dominated the face-off X thanks to Mike Armstrong and Tom Gallon controlling the flow of the game to their own advantage. Second quarter goals came from Tom Gosnay and Ady Bennett. England also generated two opportunities for long poles Ryan Myerberg and Sam Patterson to add to England’s tally in style. Ireland were not without opportunities, however first-half starters Tom Williamson, Andrew Baxter and Ryan Myerberg kept them at bay with a physical performance backed up by a solid performance by the ever-dependable Ben McAllister. Second quarter ended 7-2.

The third quarter started sluggishly for England as penalties and a lack of execution damaged their lead. Ireland managed to claw six goals back thanks to numerous extra-man opportunities but goals from Tom Gosnay and Glen Humphreys ensured that England kept the lead going into the final period.

The fourth quarter started much the same as the third, with penalties adding up and allowing Ireland to find dangerous scoring opportunities. England dug deep to finish strong thanks to another solid performance from goalie Nick Anderton. Goals came from Jack Brook and Colin Clive to wrap up the game and get Team England on the path to the gold medal game.

Goals & Assists

Ady Bennett (3,0)
Tom Gosnay (2,1)
Nick Watson (1,0)
Colin Clive (1,1)
Ryan Myerberg (1,0)
Sam Patterson (1,0)
Jack Brook (1,0)
Glen Humphreys (1,0)