England 3 5 8
Australia 6 3 9

Overtime Thriller Goes Australia’s Way

England v Australia 2nd test thriller. Australia won in overtime 9-8 read on to see how the game unfolded.

Australia fail to clear the ball and Kirsten Lafferty makes Australia pay – England draw first blood. AUS 0 – ENG 1

Bec Lan rips one off the top pipe and England capitalise the other way with Sophie Brett on the fast break scoring England’s second AUS 0 – ENG 2

Hannah Nielson with the spin move from X and slots home Australia’s first. AUS 1 – ENG 2

Top shelf stuff from Hannah Nielson who slots home Australia’s second and we are tied
AUS 2 – ENG 2

Only moments later Rachel Kirchheimer turns on the jets and Australia have the lead
AUS 3 – ENG 2

12 minutes left in the half and Australia lead AUS 3 – ENG 2

Kahli Evans with a big one on one save on Charlotte Lytollis to preserve Australia’s lead
AUS 3 – ENG 2

Hannah Nielson!!!! Nielson slots home her third of the first half and Australia’s fourth for the biggest lead of this test series. AUS 4 – ENG 2

The pride of Jacksonville Uni Athletics Ashtyn Hiron slots home for Australia’s fifth and they extend their lead AUS 5 – ENG 2

Australia are dominating this game. Sarah Molly with her first of the day and the lead is 4! AUS 6 – ENG 2

In the final minute of the first half Meg Whittle zips one off the Footscray turf to cut the margin to three in the dying moments AUS 6 – ENG 3

It is a complete contrast from yesterday’s game. England jumped out of the gate and the signs looked ominous for Australia, but as the game settled Australia started to take control of the game. They dominated possession for large parts of the half and were clinical around the cage. England started to turn the tide late though and with Meg Whittle’s late goal got themselves back into the game so stay tuned this one is not over.

No goal!! Laura Merrifield scores for England but the pocket is too deep and the goal is waived off. Australia dodge a bullet AUS 6 – ENG 3

Charlie Finnegan makes no mistake for England and margin is down to two
AUS 6 – ENG 4

Sarah Molly has been given far too much space on the corner and she makes England pay AUS 7 – ENG 4

Ashtyn Hiron picks some scraps around the cage and scores another!
AUS 8 – ENG 4

Jenny Simpson gets a much needed goal for England and it is back to three
AUS 8 – ENG 5

Sarah Lowe scores but it is waived off as she stepped in the crease! AUS 8 – ENG 5

Lucy Lynch scores with 6 and a half minutes left to cut the margin to two!
AUS 8 – ENG 6

Meg Whittle scores again for England and the margin is back to one! 6 minutes left. AUS 8 – ENG 7

4.10 to go AUS 8 – ENG 7

Kahli Evans is back in the cage for Australia and she comes up with a huge stop on Laura Merrifield AUS 8 – ENG 7

1.07 left and Australia go offside! England Ball AUS 8 – ENG 7

England get the turnover and they will get a look here at tying it AUS 8 – ENG 7

30 seconds left and Claire Faram puts it wide. England are pushing hard
AUS 8 – ENG 7

20 seconds left and Megan Whittle puts the ball wide

7 seconds left and Megan Whittle has tied it with a slashing sweep across the top AUS 8 – ENG 8

We are going into 2 v 3 mins of overtime and if still tied we go to golden goal.
AUS 8 – ENG 8

Emma Oakley has been carded. Australia are up a player AUS 8 – ENG 8

Clutch! Hannah Nielson scores her fourth and Australia take back the lead AUS 9 –ENG 8

Halftime in the overtime. 3 mins to go AUS 9 – ENG 8

Beth Varga with the pick but Verity Clough has been carded and its England’s ball AUS 9 – ENG 8

Ring-a-ding-ding Bec Lane and Theo Kwas both hit the pipe AUS 9 – ENG 8

1.50 to go and England force the turnover AUS 9 – ENG 8

30 secs left and Australia force the turnover AUS 9 – ENG 8

Australia hold on to win a thriller AUS 9 – ENG