Power Plays Prove Vital as Royals Deadlock with Storm

Royals met Storm in the last game of the day, both teams looking to record a win; battling the heat in addition to the opposition. Royals played their power play in the first quarter and made good use of the 2 points per goal rule, as they scored two goals through Taryn Abbassian and Ailsa Stott with Storm scoring once. (4-1 Royals). Northern Storm needed a good second quarter and with power play in hand influential attacker Jenny Simpson stepped up with a goal before Florry Saunders added another (5-4 Storm). As the game opened up, Royals again took the lead in the third through Stott and Abbassian, however the Royals could not hold onto the lead as Jessie Basch levelled the game in the fourth quarter. Neither team could break the deadlock before the final whistle, ending a tight game with a draw.