Stars and Stripes – England vs. Rikkyo University

England vs. Rikkyo University, Japan

We were warned not to be complacent as we again faced the Rikkyo side, although with the Japanese squad of 40, we were likely to be up against quite a different team. This turned out not to be an issue with 12 goals hammered past the Japanese keeper in the first half and only one slipping into the England net. Despite the impressive score line of 12-1, the management were not too pleased with the performance and demanded the team play through the attacking phases rather than acting as individuals. Punishment for not adhering to these conditions resulted in the attack having to play man down.

In light of this threat the England team upped their game in the second half and played strong possession whilst going through their set plays. A few fouls from the Japanese saw penalities converted by Brett, Higson, Merrifield and Watt and the score line raised to 18-1 by the final whistle. A much better team effort from England in the second half and looking strong for the next game of the day.