Mavericks v Storm

Warwick Mavericks v Northern Storm

The two teams with a win under their belts faced each other in the third game of the day and both elected to use their Power-plays in the first quarter. It took only seventeen seconds for Mavericks to register a goal with Torz Anderson netting. In a quarter which both teams had fairly even possession, Goalies were called upon to make a number of saves. The Power-Play quarter from both teams ended level (4-4). The second quarter saw the Storm move away with more possession of the ball and scoring three goals and leaving the Mavericks goalless in the quarter, leaving the score at the half 7-4. The second half of the game saw much the same as the first, with both teams having good spells of possession, but the Mavericks unable to break down a good solid defence, while the Storm took their opportunities with a number of players scoring. A final quarter saw lots of end to end lacrosse, but the Northern Storm sealed a second impressive win of the day.