Men’s Lacrosse Kit Applications

English Lacrosse would like to invite clubs and universities across the country to apply for one of a number of sets of Men’s equipment.

It is evident that there is high cost involved with new senior males joining a lacrosse club for the first time with the amount of kit required to take to the field and therefore, we would like to make this kit available to assist clubs in increasing their offer and accessibility to new players.

Equipment available: Set of 10 adult arm guards, shoulder pads & gloves**
Cost: £100
Open to: Clubs & Universities

**all equipment is in adult sizes (L & XL)

Closing Date: Friday 8 December 2017, 5pm.


If successful, you must demonstrate the following:

  • The club will register 5+ Individuals with English Lacrosse through the Individual Registration system (applicable to universities as clubs should already have all members registered)
  • The club will book at least one member of the team on to a Level 1 Referees course and Level 1 Coaching course through our online course portal to aid club development
  • Your club is affiliated to the English Lacrosse Association

On the form below please provide a written development plan for the 2017/18 season to recruit and maintain new male players and identify how you will make use of the equipment.

Please provide details of the club as it is in terms of numbers and teams, historical success from last season and how you have maintained that success in to the 2017/18 season to date. If you have any community involvement, please also include information on this.

How will this benefit my team?

It is evident that there is high cost involved with new senior males joining lacrosse for the first time as a beginner.

Individual Registration will support the entire workforce of the club in accessing coaching and officiating courses, covering them for insurance if they are officiating in BUCS, English Lacrosse leagues and events and also those who are coaching in the community.

If you have any questions regarding the application process or require any guidance in completing your application, please contact your relevant Regional contact.

English Lacrosse Regional contacts:

Kerrie Lawler – North East/Yorkshire/East Midlands:  k.lawler@englishlacrosse.co.uk

Richard Gartside – North West: r.gartside@englishlacrosse.co.uk

Nik Roberts – South/West Midlands: n.roberts@englishlacrosse.co.uk

Gabbi Simmonds – South East: g.simmonds@englishlacrosse.co.uk

Helen Murray – South West: h.murray@englishlacrosse.co.uk

Men's Kit Application

  • Development Plan

    Development Plan - Please provide answers in the boxes below. Remember to provide as much detail as you can to demonstrate why the club should be successful in receiving the equipment