Men’s Playing Committee Update

The Men’s Playing Committee met recently and discussed a wide range of subjects, full details can be found in the meeting minutes published in the Men’s Playing Committee section of the website. Below is a summary of the important updates coming to the men’s game in 2015.

A new event for the English Lacrosse calendar is the English National Club Championships. This is to be established to find England’s top team and will form part of a wider event, which will also include a junior a tournament at various age groups, which will run alongside the main event. Details can be found in this open letter.

Teams are reminded that goals are required to meet the new construction rules (Rule 2) by the 1st September 2015. League management committees are to be asked to liaise with clubs and universities to ensure that they have plans in place to meet the rule change. Also the wearing of mouth protection becomes compulsory for players in all men’s games from the same date.

Clubs and Universities have already been made aware of the unified field dimensions and many are already using them. All clubs should be making plans now to do so for next season.

A review of Junior and Youth lacrosse is to be held by a National Youth Development group who will look our present organisation and policies and report back in the New Year with their recommendations.

Finally a consultation notice will be issued to clubs, and published on the website with details of the suggested rule amendments; these were mainly agree by the FIL in June and will be adopted into the national rules unless it is felt by clubs that further consideration is needed.