Metros on Tour!

The Stockport Metros were founded in 1976 by the late Les Grainger with the idea of creating a junior exchange programme with players from England and the USA. Anne Arundel County Youth Lacrosse was created in Annapolis, Maryland the year after and they have both enjoyed 38 years of promoting the programmes ethos of creating “Friendship though Lacrosse”.

This year the Metros have representational teams at the U13 and U15 level for boys and U15 level for girls and are made up from players throughout the greater Stockport and Wirral (girls) area. Both teams departed for the USA last week and have already had success with both the boy’s and girls teams winning their opening games. 

If you would like find out more about the Stockport Metros or stay up-to dates with all the latest news and match-reports by visiting the Stockport Metros websites: Boys: www.metroslacrosse.co.uk Girls: www.metrogirlslacrosse.org.

Metros Boys Twitter: twitter.com/MetrosLacrosse

Metros Girls Twitter: twitter.com/MetroGirlsLAX