National Lacrosse Committee Meet For First Time

As part of the ongoing governance modernisation for English Lacrosse, its new National Lacrosse Committee (NLC) officially met for the first time on 16th September 2015. The formation of the committee is part of the continued delivery of English Lacrosse’s 10 year strategy and brings together volunteers from the men’s and women’s games, board members and staff.

The NLC provides the framework for the development, support and monitoring of the structures, rules and competitions for recreational playing opportunities in England. In addition, the committee provides a mechanism for two-way communication between the local level and the board to highlight and resolve recreational playing issues.

Key responsibilities for the committee are to:

  • provide strategic and operational advice to the board on issues relating to the recreational games
  • set and monitor the strategy and values for the development of the men’s and women’s recreational games
  • manage the competitive recreational game, through the regions and cross-regional league organisations and, as relevant, ensure consistency
  • promote and support the regions in the development of all forms of lacrosse
  • provide a communication channel for members to the board and for the board to the members.

Nominations were solicited from each English Lacrosse region to sit on the committee providing skills in the following areas; finance, schools, clubs, universities, workforce, competitions, communications and standards.

The following committee members have been nominated by their regions and will provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Finance: Bella Kiddle & Tracy Averies
  • Schools: Kate Nelson-Lee
  • Clubs: Tracy Averies
  • Universities: Chris Dale
  • Workforce: Peter Rawsthorne
  • Communications: Dani Skelly
  • Competitions: Dani Skelly
  • Standards: John Sharples

These volunteer advocacy roles will act as information conduits between the regions and NLC ensuring the work and decision making in the designated areas are well-informed and meeting the needs of the membership.

If you have any queries in these areas please contact the relevant committee member.

National Lacrosse Committee Meeting Minutes 09/15

The NLC meeting dates for the rest of the 2015-16 playing calendar are 22nd November, 20th January, 21st April.