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National Lacrosse Committee Releases New Code of Conduct Policy

The National Lacrosse Committee has released a new Code of Conduct intended to give guidelines on future conduct in all sections of the game.  The new Code of Conduct document has been created with assistance from the Football Association and will sit alongside a unified disciplinary process for both the women and men’s games that will be implemented next season.

English Lacrosse Participation and Communities Manager David Coldwell commented on the newly released programme. “This is an important initiative by the National Lacrosse Committee which brings together the men’s and women’s games and regions. It is the first area which the group has looked at and demonstrates its commitment to work collectively and improve the game”.

To download the document please click here English Lacrosse Code of Conduct. We have also produced posters to display in your club/school changing rooms, these will be available through our online marketing portal HERE (please note you will have to contact: to set up a free marketing portal account).