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National Small Schools Tournament Cancelled

The National Small Schools Tournament was forced, by severe weather conditions faced by the east side of the country, to make the decision to cancel. The tournament organizers, having consulted with the grounds staff of the host venue Oakham School, had no option but to cancel on the morning of the tournament due to pitches being water logged with a snow covering. English Lacrosse staff explained the situation to the disappointed school staff who then relayed this to their teams.

English Lacrosse regrets the cancellation and would like to thank all schools for attending the tournament, especially those who had travelled considerable distances from the south coast and the north of Scotland. Mark Coups, director of development, commented, “this is an extremely unfortunate set of circumstances where the snow overnight water logged the fields meaning that the grounds staff had no option but to deem them unplayable. I would like to thank all the school staff for showing such understanding of the situation and showing such sympathy to the very distressed and upset young female players. We will now be writing to all of the schools to ensure that they have a full explanation of the set of circumstance leading to this cancellation and offering our sincerest apologies.”