girls game

NWLA Weekly Report

Mellor 14-2 Leeds
Mellor were struggling to find a team this week and could only bring 11 players on the day. Reluctant to postpone the game, they took on a full Leeds team. Luckily for them, a 12th player arrived towards the end of the first half, evening the playing field. Despite playing man-down, Mellor played well throughout the first half, winning 6-1. Three goals came from Paisley Knox. Julia Burns was the scorer for Leeds. Leeds held a large amount of the possession during the game but found it difficult to convert goals. Throughout the game Leeds had about 10 shots on goal, many of which were saved by Christie Mearns. Georgina Fraser managed to find the net for Leeds in the second half but it was Mellor’s midfield determination and hard work on the draw that won them the game. Had Leeds been able to win more possession off the draw it is likely that the game would have been less one-sided. Without subs, Mellor struggled to keep their momentum in the second half but more goals came from Megan Wise and Jess Griffiths.

Mersey 18-4 Newcastle
Newcastle apologised for being unable to get more players, and, graciously, both teams agreed on playing 10-a-side. The score was 6-2 to Mersey early on in the first half with five of their players getting on the scorecard. Before the second half, a Newcastle player was unable to continue and the teams went down to 9-a-side, meaning all players were covering larger distances on foot. The score at half time was 11-2. Unfortunately, and rather unbelievably, at half time Newcastle dropped to 8 players, which Mersey matched despite their concerns. It was a very different style of game that Mersey weren’t used to. Legs began to tire on both teams. With both ends having such sparse defensive units, the last quarter showcased many 1-on-1 goal scoring opportunities. With their midfielders’ legs in mind, Mersey took time to settle the ball. Special mention to Fiona Lynch, new to the team, on her goal and another mention to the Newcastle keeper who was always on her toes. Hannah Bishop, Mersey’s youngest player, also had a great game. Newcastle’s top goal scorer was Hannah Foxcroft with a hat-trick. “Overall it was a very ‘different’ game, but both teams showed great sportsmanship”, Mersey captain Harriet Pritchard.

Timperley 19-4 Stockport
Timperley were missing a player during the start of the game but the midfielders fought hard to fill the gap in the central third of the pitch. Stockport have been struggling this season in their results so they would have no doubt been determined to put up a good fight against Timperley. Timperley’s Kat Swallow didn’t take long to get four goals on the scoreboard; she’s regaining her form as the season progresses. Timperley showed some great link plays and players Colleen Smith and Rachel Minarovich were instrumental for their attack. The second half saw a number of good plays despite the glare from the sun making it difficult for both teams to see the ball. In defence, Timperley were eager to work on their communication, which in turn allowed for double team opportunities and early pressure on the ball.