NLC recommendations on women’s rules approved by Board following consultation

National Lacrosse Committee has reviewed the responses from the recent Women’s Rules Consultation and made their recommendations to the Board, which were passed at the latest Board Meeting.

The board approved the following NLC recommendations;

  1. No implementation of any playing rule amendments for the 2018/19 season
  2. Implementation of a minimum age of 14 to participate in competitive Women’s senior lacrosse for the 2018/19 season

Based on the consultation feedback, as well as the timeline for voting on the new FIL rules at the FIL General Assembly this July, the decision has been taken not to implement any playing rule changes at this time for the domestic game, which includes school, club, and university.

Once the FIL vote has taken place and considering the survey feedback, NLC is planning a further consultation for next season on the rules applicable in England for competitive, non-international women’s lacrosse.

The consultation also proposed setting a minimum age limit of girls playing in women’s senior lacrosse.

The feedback indicated that a minimum age limit should be introduced into the women’s senior game in England of 14 years of age.

The English Lacrosse board, on NLC advice, approved this recommendation and as such, a player will have to be 14 years of age to participate in any senior women’s lacrosse game, including internationals, from the start of the 2018/19 season.

NLC would like to thank all respondents for their detailed feedback on our recent consultation for proposed girls youth rules and the minimum age for playing senior women’s lacrosse.

We are grateful for those who have provided feedback through the survey and those who got in touch individually to discuss the consultation.

The consultation heard from 340 individual members across the North, South East and South West. 55% of these responses were from those under the age of 24, with 63% being from current players.

Please find below a table which highlights the use of rules in the domestic and performance elements of the women’s game, for the current and next season.



Season Tournaments: existing rules Tournaments: trial rules (progressing to FIL rules from August 2018) Recreational (club leagues, BUCS, schools) Performance
2017-2018 (current) National Schools, BUCS Finals, BUCS 8s, county tournaments ,etc. Home Internationals, Junior Regionals, Senior Regionals


Existing rules FIL trial rules
2018-2019 Same as above Home Internationals, Junior Regionals, Senior Regionals, TBC: supercounties


Existing rules FIL rules from August   2018
2019-2020 All TBC after publication of FIL rules in August 2018 and after further consultation with registered EL members.