NWLA – December Update

Brooklands 15-1 Leeds
The conditions were horrible, the pitch was a hideously sticky around both goals and the weather was freezing cold and wet – not so fun! Brooklands started really strongly in defence, stopping any Leeds efforts by great marking. Emilie Chandler made some amazing saves from some great shot by Leeds. Booklands scored a few from fast breaks in the first half, with some great driving by the younger girls. The score was 9-1 at half time so Leeds did much better second half but were sorely missing key players Alex Clifford in midfield and Bella Reah in attack. In the second half, Paula Chandler went in goal for Brooklands after some great defending in the first half. Emilie played well outfield scoring 2 great goals for Brooklands, their defending was very strong again in the second half letting in no goals. And the attack became more settled on a worsening pitch due to the torrential downpour during the game. Brooklands’ MVP was Lydia Hewitt who scored some great goals and did great on the draw. Lydia had 8 goals, other goals came Janika Macmillan, Flora Whyte, Charlotte Baker and Emilie Chandler. They all had a great game.

Mellor 12-5 Stockport
Stockport played Mellor at home. Both teams battled through the weather to play a good game with end to end action throughout. Mellor took an early lead and Stockport were never able to catch up. The possession did seem to be split more evenly than the final score portrayed. Allie Welsh opened the scoring for Stockport, Ellie Gosnay, strong in attack as always, scored three goals and junior Chloe Dodd slipped through the defence and threaded and excellent shot past the Mellor goalkeeper. Alex Anderson was on fire in attack and was the creator of four of the five Stockport goals. The half time score was 9-3, so it was a low scoring second half from both teams.

Leeds 7-6 Heaton Mersey
Although the pitch was unplayable Leeds were able to find a local 3G Astro pitch for the teams to play on as Mersey had driven all the way there. Mersey captain Ludmilla really appreciated her team being flexible sticking it out for 3hrs and then play a match. Emma Dunwoodie did a great job getting open in the Mersey attack. The teams seemed evenly matched all the way through the game and the pace was really fast end to end. Leeds scored first and Mersey quickly followed. There were some excellent goals by Laura Winterbottom and Milly Pratt and the Leeds defence did a great job breaking down Mersey’s plays and Ellouise Caswell made some great saves for Leeds. Mersey were missing a couple of important players but still played really well considering conditions and the change of venues. Milly Pratt scored the winning goal in the dying seconds of the game taking Leeds one goal ahead. Alia Lynn and Jenny Scott were vital at driving the ball through Mersey midfield. Despite some great defending and being in the attack more, Leeds just managed to win more ground balls and capitalise on their attacking time. Top goal scorer for Heaton Mersey was Fiona Graham who is having a fantastic season for her side.

Brooklands 8-22 Stockport
This was a great game for Brooklands in the pouring rain. The first half was tough and the play was very slow-paced. The teams were neck-and-neck in the first 10 minutes of the game. Brooklands calmed down, found their momentum and started to settle the ball, rather than continuing to shoot at the wrong time. And their defence became stronger, talking to each other. Emilie Chandler made some great saves. Brooklands were only in the lead by 1 goal at half time. In the second half they really dominated and Captain Charlotte says it was great to see all her attackers get on the score sheet. MVPs for Brooklands were Lydia Hewitt and Emily Richardson who both scored some fantastic goals.