NWLA – League Week 6 Report

Liverpool 15-7 Leeds
This is always an exciting fixture on the league calendar but this time around it was even more nail-biting as, due to unforeseen last-minute circumstances, Liverpool were unable to field a full team on the day. However, in true gung-ho Liverpudlian spirit, they decided to take on a full Leeds team with the limited players they had available to them. The game started with a bang, as Charlotte Clulow won the first centre for Liverpool who then went on to score. Monika White then continued their scoring spree with a hat-trick putting Liverpool in a strong position during the first half. It wasn’t long before Melissa Hewitt had a hat-trick of her own putting Liverpool 8-1 up at half time. Rather unbelievably, Liverpool saw a third hat-trick later in the game from Lyndsey Sung. Before long, Leeds began to claw their way back into the game. Millie Pratt was instrumental for Leeds’ attack and was able to roll the crease to her advantage on a number of occasions. It was, however, too late for Leeds to pull back the win. Liverpool should be highly commended on their fearless attitude and hard work in difficult circumstances; special mention should go to Carina Eaton for her efforts in goal and epic commitment generally.

Oxton 19-14 Timperley
This fixture was set to be a fine display of lacrosse. With Timperley on top form and Oxton as strong and consistent as ever, this top-of-the-table clash had spectators in awe from start to end of play. Oxton started strongly with a flurry of fast break goals; their speed and skills across the pitch is not easily matched and certainly shook up the Timperley midfield players who struggled to slow down the ball. Sophie Brett had a great first half in the centre, many of her draws being picked up by Linnea Freear on the circle. Timperley soon began to regain their momentum and find the back of the net. Their first few goals came from feeds to Dani Skelly who executed her shots with precision. At half time, it looked like the game was slipping away from Timperley but they came out firing in the second half, welcoming back Colleen Smith from an ACL injury. Soon, Timperley were scoring in quick succession but Oxton never lost their fight and kept the lead throughout the fixture. Timperley will be disappointed with their first-half performance, having won the second half, but Oxton showed a really strong performance, and some jaw-dropping goals allowing them to take home the W.

Brooklands 20-4 Newcastle
In the first half, Brooklands dominated the game, making good breaks in attack and tightly defending the ball when Newcastle gained possession. It didn’t take long, however, for Newcastle to get stuck into the game; moving the ball up into their attacking third. Newcastle’s centre, Rachel Buckley, was first to score for her team from a drive and shot straight into the top right hand corner. The Newcastle defenders seemed slightly nervous when Brooklands had the ball around goal and struggled to keep them away from goal-scoring opportunities. Newcastle, fuelled with an array of subs, upped their game during the second half, maintaining possession, moving the ball up the pitch and settling around the goal. Rachel went on to score 2 more goals whilst Hannah Foxcroft scored the final goal for the team. Like most games in this league, it was apparent that the score did not reflect the competitiveness of the game and both teams should be pleased with their performances.

Mellor 10-4 Heaton Mersey
Mersey arrived to their home field with a patchwork of players, many of whom had not played together before. It was a tough match throughout, rather messy at times and arguably less one-sided than the score suggests. Mellor were able to take advantage of a few lapses in concentration from Mersey leading to fast breaks and, consequently, goals. Jenny Scott, for Mersey, made some great runs through midfield, and their defence played impressively well as unit with some great saves from Caz. Mellor actually went 3-0 down during the first 15 minutes but, following a time-out, the score evened up and there was only one goal in it at half time. In the second half, Mellor dominated the draw alternating Paisley Knox and Jenny Carrisson in centre position. In their midfield, Jenny Carisson and Charlotte West did an equally great job transitioning the ball. Rosie Goodfellows deserves a special mention as she is moving to London so will not longer be playing for Mellor; she was MVP on Saturday.