NWLA Match Reports

Saturday 14th

Mellor 8-6 Heaton Mersey

With quite a few last minute cancellations and scrambling to get players before the game, Mersey knew the match would a difficult one. Mellor scored first but Mersey soon took the lead to 2-1 in the first 10 minutes. Mellor then went ahead with 4 goals with 6 minutes remaining in the half. Mersey were determined not to let Mellor have the upper hand and knew they needed to score. Fiona Graham and Emma Dunwoodie worked extremely well together in attack to get Mersey 2 more goals before half time, meaning Mersey were left 5-4 down going into the second half. Mellor came out really enthusiastic in the second half scoring 2 quick goals. But Mersey didn’t give up and had about 6 shots, only converted one. After a Mersey time out, Mellor decided to try and hold the ball and keep the lead, but Mersey pressured well and kept winning the ball back, they eventually got one more goal. With 6 minutes left, both teams urgently wanted the ball. Mellor kept possession and converted another goal. Christie Mearns was making interceptions and running out of goal getting triple teamed in the last few seconds of the game. Her decision making paid off as the final whistle went. Overall, the game was evenly matched. Christie (MVP) was instrumental in goal, as well as goal scorers Jess Griffiths, Paisley Knox, Miranda Bates, Charlotte West and Sarah Hiddleston. Jess Griffiths deserves an extra special mention for stepping up in the midfield, covering a lot of the field. Scorers for Mersey included Emma Dunwoodie, Fiona Graham and Jane Johnson

Liverpool 10–7 Leeds

It was a fairly even game throughout but Liverpool just had the edge. There were some great goals from Liverpool’s Monica White. Leeds’ attack came together quite well and were really working as a team, moving the ball quickly and effectively at times. Leeds scored an excellent quick stick goal from Laura Bunn who was consequently named MVP. Milly Pratt was given a double yellow card so unfortunately had to leave the pitch for the last 15 minutes of the game, which was a real blow for Leeds. Carina Baxter stepped up in net for Liverpool, allowing Katharine Hughes to play the full game, she helped hugely in the defence. Special mention to Bethan AP-Thomas had her first goal of the season for Liverpool.

Saturday February 21st

Oxton 7-6 Brooklands

This was a really close game. Brooklands went in with a particularly strong side. Previously when these two teams have met Oxton have come out on top and with quite a large goal difference, but Brooklands really dug in and played their best, and it paid off. Oxton brought a very young side, special mentions must go to U13s Camilla Azurdia who did a great job and Georgie Grace who scored 2 goals for their team. Both teams had strong attacking units with goals coming from Georgina Owen, Emilie Chandler and Alex Bruce. At one point Brooklands had a disallowed goal due to the new rules, which made the game even more of a nail-biter! Brooklands’ MVP was Ellie Broome who played amazing in midfield. For Oxton, Alex Bruce was outstanding in the midfield and attack, and Carina Walsh was solid in defence.

Heaton Mersey 15–7 Leeds

Mersey attackers were on form and scored some excellent goals. The game started off fast paced with both Leeds and Mersey having a flurry of shots and some great goals were scored. Ruth Schofield started the scoring for Leeds with a perfect top left corner goal and she was named MVP. Leeds started off the match with the first goal, followed by 2 quick goals off some great plays by Alia Lynn. Mersey worked hard to keep out usual attackers, Milly Pratt and Julia Burns, but also had to some new faces to contend with such as Alex Clifford and Julia Gargan who gave the midfield some pace. Mersey went into the second half leading 9 to 5. Into the second half, Mersey really upped their game and left Leeds slightly behind. Leeds struggled to contain Rachel Baldwin in attack who had a great game. Caroline Evans did a great job against the Leeds attackers saving shot after shot. Over all it was a really well fought match on both sides and Leeds have shown enormous improvement in their game this season. Returning player Rachel Baldwin had a fantastic game with 5 goals leading Mersey to victory.

Timperley 15-8 Stockport

The fixture was meant to be played at Timperley but due to pitch problems there was a change of venue to Stockport. There was hail, rain, wind and sun during the match. Timperley scored quite early on in the game but struggled in the first half of the game; they took a while to adjust to missing 7 regular starters. However after a frantic first period managed to settle into a rhythm and create more chances. It was clear early on that it was going to be a well contested game. Both teams played well and the game was quite even with long periods of possession at both ends. The first half ended with Timperley in the lead by one goal at 6-5. In the second half, Timperley began to capitalise their possession, and the score began to reflect this. Special mention for 15 year old Lauren Cheyne who played brilliantly in their defence and on the circle. The game was played in good spirits and all playing seemed to enjoy it!

Heaton Mersey 19-1 Newcastle

Heaton Mersey had already played Leeds, then driven up to Newcastle in the wind and hail before stepping on the pitch – hardly the perfect pre game routine – but they got themselves stuck in and took an early lead. Alia Lynn, Fiona Graham and Rachel Baldwin were on top form for the game; Alia with 4 goals and amazing midfield runs, Fiona with 3 goals and some brilliant checks, and Rachel with 7 goals, dominating the attack. Newcastle had some great midfield players who drove the ball up to the attack, but who unfortunately were unable to convert enough goals. Despite it being their second game, the Mersey ladies were looking fast and it was their speed in the midfield and strength in defence that won them the match.

Saturday 28th

Liverpool 10 – 8 Heaton Mersey

As always, the match against Liverpool is a big one for Heaton Mersey, especially as it’s our co-captain’s old team. When both teams are on form, it stays competitive to the very last minute. The match on Saturday was pretty scrappy; there were a number of swipes and some dangerous checking. Rachel Baldwin and Fiona Graham were key players in the attack and the top goal scorers for Heaton Mersey. Katharine Hughes played amazingly in goal for Liverpool and played a major part in their win. Bridget Mason found herself in the right places at the right time and was able to make a real impact for Liverpool, along with Monika White who dominated their attack. Ginnie Jones contributed hugely to their defence with great body positioning and an excellent eye to intercept passes. All in all a great performance from both teams but a fantastic win for Liverpool. It will be a shame for Monica to not be a part of the league next year as she is a true asset to Liverpool’s team and brilliant player.

Oxton 15 – 9 Timperley

This is always a good one to watch! Both teams arrived in Wirral for the top of the league clash last Saturday. The game was a little slow to get started and teams played 11-a-side after a few Oxton players were unexpectedly unavailable. Oxton started strong, with Torz Anderson and Alex Bruce in the midfield it didn’t take them long to transition the ball into their attack where they worked the ball round well. Both teams got a few early goals in the first 10 minutes, and the start of the game was fairly even. The score was 7-5 to Oxton at half time and Timperley knew they had a big job ahead of them. Dani Skelly was remarkable in attack for Timperley, able to cut through the Oxton defence to receive the quick feed and score. That said, Liv brown made some crucial saves in goal for Oxton, and the team were also very effective on the clear. Ellie Bygroves had some amazing interceptions in midfield and played a key role on the draw for Oxton. Down the other end, Emma Economou was instrumental for Timperley causing various turnovers; her vision in the midfield helped her team move the ball into attack but once there, Timperley struggled to convert goals at the same pace as their opposition. Millie James and Sarah Gibson did a great job of containing the Timperley attackers making some good switches and checks when necessary, and Sophie Brett had some lovely goals from the left post. With so much at stake, the intensity levels throughout the game was pretty high with both teams letting referee decisions affect their composure, but overall it was an impressive standard of lacrosse and a solid win for the retaining league winners.

Brooklands 16 – 3 Leeds

This was a great performance from Brooklands, despite a hard-fought efforts from Leeds. Both teams played 11-a-side as Leeds were short. There was a good level of play from both sides. Leeds had some nice movement in their attack but the Brooklands’ defence made it extremely hard to get through. Almost all of the Leeds players were covered when cutting through and they found it difficult to drive meaning that Meg in goal didn’t see much of the ball. At the other end, the Brooklands attack was very strong. Flora Whyte and Jo Rackle were their MVPs, with Flora scoring many goals from drives and Jo setting up other goals. Other goal scorers were Lydia Hewitt, Emily Richardson and Charlotte Bleackley. Leeds will be disappointed with the result but Brooklands have gone from strength to strength this season, with the majority of their team being U18 it is really exciting for the league to have so much young potential progressing through.