NWLA Report

Stockport 18-7 Leeds

This was a tough game in horrible weather conditions; very windy and freezing cold. Stockport had a strong squad with three of their normally absent university players being available and a huge help all over the field. Leeds struggled to find goal scoring opportunities in the first half whereas Stockport seemed unstoppable, racking up an impressive goal difference, finishing 10-2 up at half time. Despite the score line, the game was generally well contested throughout. In the second half, Leeds found some momentum and were able to convert in the attack. Stockport weren’t slowing down; their top goal scorer was Chess Gray with 8, followed by Ellie Gosnay with 5. The two of them have scored a lot of Stockport’s goals all season and work very well together. Other goals came from Tashy Rogers, Ellie Russell, Allie Welsh and Olivia Higson. Leeds’ top goal scorer was Julia Burns with three. Both teams enjoyed the fixture despite the horrible weather!


Oxton 13–3 Liverpool

Liverpool were missing their goal keeper for their meet with Oxton. As the underdogs in this contest, they had nothing to lose and asked field players if they would have a go in goal. Katharine Hughes, one of Liverpool’s best defenders, volunteered to play GK and really stepped up during the game saving many shots that would have made the game a larger deficit. Oxton were too strong for Liverpool and took an early lead. For Liverpool, Emma Raven did an outstanding job in defence contributing to multiple caused turnovers. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough and Oxton finished 10 goals ahead.


Mellor 18–2 Newcastle

The weather was brutal up in Newcastle, but both teams took it on and played a great game. Straight off the draw, Mellor drove up field and scored an early goal but Newcastle were very strong and held the ball up in their half for the majority of the first half passing it round the crease and behind goal confidently. It was closely fought in the first quarter; 3-2 in the first 5 minutes. Newcastle’s Emily Monk (their MVP) and Carys de Raad both scored their first goals of the season for the team taking them into the lead. Mellor came back stronger in the second half and soon the goals came thick and fast. The wind and snow didn’t help either team’s ability to play. Mellor were dropping the ball but soon sorted this out and scored a few fast break goals. At half time it was 14-2. Both sides agreed to play a shorter second half because of the weather. Newcastle had a couple of shots but couldn’t convert them. Newcastle never gave up and fought till the end. Jenny Carlsson played great for Mellor in what was her first game back following an operation, Newcastle agreed and named her man of the match.


Oxton 12–9 Brooklands

Oxton agreed to play 10-a-side as Brooklands were short of players on the day. This is a really impressive result for Brooklands who normally struggle to keep a close scoreline against Oxton. The game was end to end throughout; the teams neck and neck at times. Brooklands put up a good performance with fast breaks throughout the midfield. Oxton’s transition was very strong and Em Kealey had some great goals. Brookland’s goals came from Lydia Hewitt, Emilie Chandler, Emily Richardson and Georgina Owen. A well fought game from both teams.