NWLA – Round 3 Match Reports

Written by: Jane Brierly 

Liverpool 11 – 4 Leeds
Liverpool started the game strongly and got a few quick goals in. As ever this was a hard fought match by both sides and Leeds really stepped up at times. Liverpool had some new players that added a speed to their attack but Leeds worked well to turn the ball over within their defence. However, Leeds didn’t manage to capitalise with their shots on the Liverpool goalie. Both teams were warned about their conduct in the midfield with some slightly dangerous checking going on. Liverpool started to pull away with the score but Leeds stayed determined and defended with intent right to the end. A special mention should go to Liverpool’s Jenna Boon for her draw controls, determination, solid performance and endurance. Top goal scorers for Liverpool were Tamsin Stephenson and Gabby Sims with 2 each. Leeds’ MVP was Tess Freer and top goal scorers were Caitlin Walters and Milly Pratt.

Heaton Mersey 8 – 11 Mellor
Mersey took on Mellor in a close fought game on Saturday. Both teams played well from the get-go but Mersey struggled to keep up on the score sheet. Mersey’s goalie played well despite the many shots coming in her direction. Following a save, Mersey’s Jenny Scott (MVP) did a great job to make herself free for a break up the midfield. Mellor had some lovely moments in attack with goals coming from Abbie, Katie and Paisley. Hayley had a brilliant second half with 4 goals to her name. Top goal scorer for Heaton Mersey was Charlotte Raymer.

Oxton 19 – 7 Timperley
Oxton started strongly with a draw control from Liv Wimpenny straight to Sophie Brett for a quick goal. Oxton continued to work nicely on their midfield transition into attack, often a few well-placed passes led to shots on goal. Timperley, who were slow to find their rhythm, started picking up speed and got themselves goals from Emma Economou and Dani Skelly. The score was 8-4 to Oxton at half time. Liv was near unstoppable on the centre draw, winning almost everything to herself and finding a nice offload to the attacking players. Ellie Jones had some lovely crease rolls, which caught Timperley’s goalie, Emma Cattermole, off guard. The intensity raised in the second half and Timperley’s desperation materialised into some wild checks. That said, they were still managing to turn the ball over and more goals came from Nicola Swallow and Georgia Greenhalgh. Timperley’s top goal scorer was Emma Economou with 2. Timperley nominated Liv Wimpenny as Oxton’s MVP.

Brooklands 9 – 1 Newcastle
Brooklands scored a few quick goals and then started to settle the ball more in attack making some good cuts. The defence made some great interceptions when the ball was coming down the pitch and quickly got it back to their attack. Paula Chandler went in goal for Brooklands, and made some great saves again. However, a Newcastle timeout allowed the team to rally together and bring the game back. Some well-fought groundballs by Newcastle’s defence allowed the ball to be transitioned up field to the attack where several shots on goal were taken. Ellie Bridges made her senior debut for Brooklands, and fitted in greatly, even managing to score! Both sides found it hard playing 10-a-side and with only 20-minute halves everything was much faster. With no subs on the bench, Newcastle played hard to keep the ball in their attack; this reflects the major improvement in the team’s fitness levels. An excellent fast break by Emily Monk saw Newcastle score their first goal of the match. Brooklands’ MVP was Kate Hamlett who played well on the defence wing, especially as there was so much running to be done, and top goal scorer was Lydia Hewitt with 5. For her excellent work in defence this week Olivia Clayton was voted as Newcastle’s MVP.

Stockport 22 – 0 Stoke
This was Stoke’s first home game of the season and they managed to put out a team of 12 for the first time this year. Stockport played well together as a unit with 9 of the squad scoring! Their top goal scorer was Ellie Gosnay with 6. Stoke’s confidence was low at the start but they really rallied together as the game went on and overall it was a great game for some of their less experienced players. Intensity was pretty high from both teams; Stokport got a yellow card early on for dangerous shot, which raised tensions even more. Stoke’s MVP was Gabby who made her debut for the team – she really picked momentum up in defence and is constantly developing as a player. Stoke’s stand-in captain was Carmel who shared the responsibility of the draw with Amiee Ball. Both were able to win a few of the draws with the midfield switching up to allow other players the opportunity and experience of different positions. Stockport’s Charlotte Shaw has come back this season from a year off due to injury and has maintained her prowess in midfield and attack, not only scoring four goals this weekend but also running midfield and playing well in defence too. Frustratingly for Stoke, none of their attackers (Hannah, Kate and Claudia) were able to get a goal past Emma Mooney in Stockport’s goal.

Photo Credit: Lee Warburton