NWLA – Week 1 League Report

The new season got underway on Saturday, Jane Brierly rounds up all the excitement from the opening weekend of the Women’s Northern Premiership.

Oxton 13-9 Liverpool
What a shock result; recently crowned European champions Oxton finishing only 4 goals ahead of underdog opponents, Liverpool. Both teams were goal for goal during the first half with Oxton only finishing 2 goals up at the half-time whistle. Jenna Boon and Lyndsey Sung from Liverpool both had three goals apiece, leading Liverpool’s offense. For Oxton, Sophie Brett and Alex Bruce did all they could in the attacking third to keep their team ahead. Oxton however struggled in the defensive end allowing Liverpool to drive to goal and keep themselves in the game. Liverpool’s Shona Duffus did a great job in net helping keep the game so close.

Stockport 13-12 Leeds
This was the most exciting match in the history of the Penguins. Both teams were neck and neck the whole way, and in fact Leeds were up 5-3 at half time. Stockport managed to regain a 3 goal lead in the hard-fought second half but gradually the Penguins were able to pull the game back to a nail biting 12-12. Leeds had possession in their attacking end 30 seconds before the final whistle but lost it on a penalty. Stockport then used the ball to their advantage to create a fast break and, consequently, the winning goal with 18 seconds to go! A great performance from both teams.

Mellor 17-0 Newcastle
Newcastle travelled down to play Mellor away. Mellor won convincingly although Newcastle fought for every goal and exceeded their opponents expectations to say the least. Newcastle took 11 shots, which is considerable impressive against a strong Mellor defence. What’s more only 3 of their shots were off target. Mellor had five under 15s playing for them who played very well, and even scored. Aoife from Mellor was selected man of the match by both Mellor and Newcastle. The main goal scorers were Charlotte west and Keeley brown.

Timperley 11-4 Heaton Mersey
Timperley were eager to get off to a good start to the season, and they looked confident across the field. This was a real team effort from Timperley with many of their goals coming from slick ball movement. Katherine swallow was instrumental in attack as was Julie Stott creating various give-and-go situations. That said, both teams struggled with 50/50 balls with many ground balls being fought over for long periods of time. Mersey found the game a tough start to the season said captains, Harriet Pritchard and Ludmila Crowther. They had some key players missing, but the team stepped up to the challenge. Mersey welcomed some new players to the line-up Alia Lynn and Laura Richards. Jenny Scott scored their first goal and no surprise Fiona Graham dominated the attack with over half of Mersey’s goals.