NWLA – Week 15 League Report

Timperley 16-2 Leeds

It didn’t take Timperley long to get their plays going well around the goal and there were some excellent feeds from behind goal to Danielle Skelly who fired them in the back of the net. Freya Hawthorne, goalie for Leeds, made some really amazing saves especially with the speed of shot coming from the Timperley attack. Leeds’ defence were strong and were able to turn the possession over giving the midfield a good start towards the Timperley goal. Towards the end of the game Timperley were able to settle their attack around goal and scored a few goals in quick succession. The score doesn’t reflect how well Leeds played as a team today against a strong Timperley side. Millie Pratt had a couple of nice goals for Leeds around the crease, but Colleen Smith, who was in goal for Timperley had some great saves in the second half.

Timperley 21 – 2 Newcastle

Newcastle were excited to play after a few weeks of rearranged games. Timperley started strong and moved the ball effortlessly through the midfield. Newcastle had some really feisty defenders and were able to slow Timperley down forcing them to rethink their fast break opportunities and work the ball around the fan. Newcastle had some nice attacking moments – they had some effective cuts and after working the ball around were able to slot some nice feeds in a find the back of the net. The game was played in good spirits, Rachel Buckley was strong in centre for Newcastle. Timperley’s Steph Hallows had a great game, playing in the midfield she was all over the place and had some really well-placed goals.

Mellor 10-7 Brooklands

The game was moved to Brooklands as Mellor still had snow on their pitches. Both teams played really well, again Mellor struggled to get a team together but managed on the day. Brooklands had 3 star players Emily chandler, Emilie Ellston and Lydia. They we everywhere on the field. The game was a close one throughout. It got to 8-7 to Mellor with about 7 minutes left. Mellor pulled through getting 2 more goals. Mellor’s goal scorers were Louise Higgins, Jess Griffiths, Charlotte West and Jenny Carlson. Brooklands’ MVPs were Meg in goal, who was fantastic, and Emily Richardson who seemed to get everywhere.

Liverpool 9-8 Mersey

This was a tough match. Both teams came to play and were very determined to win. Liverpool took an early lead which definitely affected Mersey’s confidence, but by half time, the teams were 5 a piece with Mersey having scored the last goal. Going into the second half Liverpool was determined to take the lead again, but this time so was Mersey. Mersey’s defence was solid with Natalie Woods marking Liverpool’s Monica White completely out of the match, making the defence evenly matched with the opposition, however, Liverpool’s midfield took advantage of fast breaks through the midfield and took the lead again. Mersey was able to retaliate and with the last 2 minutes of play the teams were tied 8 all. That said and done, at the end Liverpool took advantage of a missed ground ball and scored seconds before the whistle blew.15