NWLA – Week 5 Women’s Premiership Report

Timperley 15-3 Mellor
Timperley were eager to pull out a strong performance against Mellor to whom they have lost in recent seasons. Mellor had a relatively young squad, giving them pace but also a lack of experience. Unfortunately for Mellor’s defence, Timperley were able to score quickly in the first fifteen minutes of the game racking up a number of goals. Shots came from Timperley’s Dani Skelly and Emma Economou. Leading her team from within Mellor’s goal, Christie Mearns made some great saves often clearing long enabling Mellor to transition the ball quickly up to their attacking end. Their goals came from midfielder Clare Faram amongst others. Mellor put up a good fight throughout the second half and really began to pressure Timperley when they were in possession, however, they were rarely able to turn the ball over, allowing Timperley more time to create scoring opportunities.

Liverpool 13-6 Brooklands
Brooklands fielded a very young team for this fixture meaning that they struggled to match Liverpool in terms of experience and also physical strength. It did not take Monika White long to get on the scoreboard for Liverpool, she had an outstanding game with a total of five goals. She and Charlotte Clulow dominated the draw enabling Liverpool to have most of the possession. Numerous Liverpool players found themselves on the score sheet; Lyndsey Sung and Melissa Hewitt both with two goals. It is clear that this Liverpool team is progressing game by game – this was a huge win for them. Brooklands will be disappointed with the final score but should be commended on the fantastic performances of their younger players on the day.

Heaton Mersey 12 – 6 Leeds
Mersey’s co-captain Harriet played centre for the first time this season and did a great job on the draws and marking some of Leeds’ best players. Leeds started strongly going up 2-0 quite quickly. This really shook up Mersey who had to reassess their communication and player watching in defence. Mersey soon began to score some goals and settle into their usual rhythm. Jenny Scott soon made herself invaluable in the midfield for Mersey, winning draws and driving up the pitch. The score was 7-3 to Mersey at the end of the first half. They managed to maintain the lead and possession of the game up to the end the match with an impressive total of 7 different players getting on the score sheet.

Heaton Mersey 16–6 Brooklands (rescheduled)
This was definitely not Mersey’s best performance. Although they had 16 players on the day, not having a goalie had huge implications on their team dynamics. Co-captain Ludmiller Crowther was proud to see so many of her players volunteering to get in goal. Jen Shepherd, long-standing Mersey defender, really stepped up to the role making key saves and was that additional voice in defence. Mersey’s Alia Lynn was hugely instrumental in the midfield. Their key scorers were Georgia Egan and Nat Woods. Brooklands struggled playing with only 11 against a full opposing team. Their most valuable player was definitely their goalkeeper who normally plays in attack for Brooklands’ U15s but made some amazing saves!