NWLA – Week 5 Report

Leeds 12-2 Newcastle
With unusually sunny weather lifting everyone’s spirits it was set to be an exciting game. Both teams started strongly with Newcastle creating some great attacking plays around Leeds’ goal. Milly Pratt (top goal scorer) controlled the draw really well and the Leeds attack had a lot of possession. Newcastle turned it over well in the midfield but were kept out by a really tight Leeds defence and a couple of great saves from Ellouise Caswell in goal. In the second half, Newcastle’s defence upped their game and marked the Leeds players extremely well, together with some excellent saves by GK Jenny Anderton they were able to keep the Leeds attack at bay. Olivia Clayton scored both of Newcastle’s goals. For her excellent work in goal this week Jenny Anderton was voted as Newcastle’s MVP. Both teams seemed to really enjoy the game, and the score line didn’t truly reflect the competitiveness of the matchup. Leeds voted Bella Reah as their MVP.

Liverpool 8-8 Mellor
The teams had originally agreed to play 10-a-side, but fortunately on the day Mellor were able to field a full team. The match started well from both sides, with some particularly impressive draws from both centres. Liverpool’s defensive unit kept up with their Mellor’s plays which made a massive difference and meant Liverpool could get more turnovers. Liverpool were able to transition the ball through the midfield which led to some great goals, Lyndsey Sun (top goal scorer) was having a stormer. Mellor lost a player during the second half which gave Liverpool a great chance to clinch the win, however they couldn’t quite capitalise on it. MVP went to Liverpool’s Katharine Hughes for excellent saves and tenacity.

Oxton 19-3 Heaton Mersey
It was a friendly and competitive game. Mersey had lots of attacking attempts but they just didn’t always come together, Oxton defended well and turned the ball over well, transitioning quickly. Oxton had a young team again, with two 12 year olds playing; Emma Cooke and Camilla Azurdia. They were fantastic and Oxton’s best (and favourite) goal came when Emma turned the ball over in defence, drove through midfield, passed to Camilla who drove on goal and scored. Oxton’s Sophie Brett was outstanding all over. Harriet Grundy was solid in Oxton’s defence and Dani Froldi was relentless in their midfield, she had an outstanding game. Mersey’s Fiona graham was taking control in attack and was integral for all three of their goals, despite only playing the first 10 minutes due to getting a concussion. Mersey’s goal scorers also included Laura Richards and Jen Abbott. Mersey’s MVPs were Jenny Yates and Jane Hynes. Jenny Yates did a fantastic job in goal especially as it was her first time, and Jane had some epic interceptions throughout the game and led the defence throughout the whole match.

Timperley 18-0 Stoke
Stoke agreed to play 11 v 10 against Timperley. The first half was fast-paced with Timperley securing 12 of their goals in the first 30, they had a very strong attack which couldn’t be stopped by the lesser experienced Stoke defence. In the second half, Stoke’s attack started to pick up with Meghan Harrison and Jaynie Craig both making runs for a goal from in midfield. However they couldn’t quite get it past Timperley’s GK Emma Cattermole. Timperley worked well as a team to get the ball swiftly up the midfield and then spent time crafting goals in the attacking end. Stoke had some fantastic breaks in the second half and started working better on the clears to get themselves possession in the midfield. MVP for Stoke was Laura Marks, it was her debut for the team and she showed great commitment in defence with some great checks made. Timperley’s MVP went to Nicola Swallow for how she organised the team’s attack, a special mention must also go to Timperley’s Helen Shepherd for her lovely left hand shots.