NWLA – Womens League Week 6 Report

Brooklands 8-7 Leeds (rescheduled)
Leeds started very strongly, scoring 2 goals in quick succession. Julia Burns played amazingly in the centre for Leeds and they were able to finish the first half 4-2 up. Going into the second half, Brooklands were able to find the net, getting closer and closer to Leeds on the score board. Leeds managed to keep their lead although Brooklands were doing all they could to stay with them; for most of the game only one goal was in it! With Leeds having a player off for a yellow card, Brooklands managed to score another 2 quick goals, allowing them to clinch the win. It was a very hard fought match with both sides giving it their all. MVPs go to Leeds’ Julia Burns and Milly Pratt and Brookland’s Emily Richards and Flora Whyte.

Mellor 7-2 Brooklands
This was Brooklands second game of the day. Mellor started off very strong; winning the draws, and playing well in both attack and defence. Emilie Chandler was having a great game but had to go off injured, following which both team’s agreed to play 11-a-side. At half time, the score was 4-0 to Mellor. Brooklands had been unable to score but defended brilliantly. In the second half, Brooklands got their second wind and scored 2 quick goals, firstly from Lydia Hewitt, and then Charlotte Bleackley. Then Mellor scored 3, with 2 coming of those from Rosie Goodfellow who had a fantastic game. Their scorers included Jess Griffiths and Charlotte West. Both goalkeepers deserve a special mention for their performances; Christie Mearns for Mellor and Meghan Clothier for Brooklands, who was voted MVP by her team. Mellor’s MVP went to Abbie Wright for her great checks, interceptions and ability to transition the ball. Also, Mellor’s Amber should be commended for her first Ladies’ game!

Timperley 20-1 Newcastle
Timperley made the trip up to the North East with 12 players, and as Newcastle were struggling with low numbers, both teams agreed on playing 10-a-side to allow for subs. The game started well for Timperley with a couple of quick, well-worked goals. Newcastle were feisty from the start of the game but their inexperience showed in defence as they left some Timperley players free in front of goal. Despite the Newcastle keeper being a novice, she really stepped up to the role and pulled out a number of impressive saves; a number of which came from the Swallow sisters. Steph Hallows (Timperley) was awarded MVP by Newcastle for her consistency in the midfield and in attack. Newcastle’s goal came from Rachel Buckley whose work rate was impressive throughout the game. Their MVP was Carys De Raad who was instrumental for them. Timperley’s Rachel Minavorich had a great game, organising her attack and finding the net on multiple occasions.