Triumphant Godolphin in front of the scoreboard

Rathbones National Lacrosse Championship Final

Championship Final

The sun came out as the spectators lined the sides of the Championship field and as the two teams ran through their final warm-up drills and coaches delivered final words of wisdom, it was clear that this match would be as exciting as the other 347 games that had already taken place at the Rathbones National Lacrosse Championships.

LEH overcame reigning champions, Guildford in their Semi-Final. A game which they (LEH) controlled most of the possession and were clinical in attack with a 4-0 score line. Meanwhile Godolphin faced Berkhamsted and had to work hard but came through with a 5-2 win.

Fifteen minutes stood between the starting whistle and a new champion being crowned and it was LEH’s Taya Jackson who collected the first draw possession taking the ball behind goal, allowing LEH to set up a patient attack. With just under a minute of possession and the Godolphin defenders occupied, LEH’s Katharine Bailey beat her defender and bounced a shot past the keeper putting LEH into the lead (1-0). Godolphin’s Eva Bryan collected the ball from the draw and started a fast break, but a great slide from LEH’s Eloise Atfield caused the ball to go loose and picked up by Mimi Ruiz in the LEH goal. A passing transition allowed for an easy LEH clear and allowed Alice Goodinge to capitalise on an unsettled Godolphin defence, shooting high past the Godolphin goalie Mary Ingram to make it 2-0.

The lead boosted LEH and they picked up the next possession but a missed pass was collected by Godolphin’s Katie Butcher who found Iona Dryden on a supporting run in front of goal and calmly finished high to cut down the LEH lead (2-1). The next goal came after some sustained attacking pressure from Godolphin, LEH managed to turn the ball over twice but on both occasions were called up for fouls and with Katie Butcher drawing a double she managed to dump the ball to Dryden who slotted the ball in the back of the net to level the score before the half-time hooter.

The second half possession was taken by Godolphin’s Bryan who pushed the ball into the attacking end allowing for her team to set up once again. Godolphin were then awarded a free position for a shooting space call, but Ruiz in goal for LEH reacted well to the shot and tipped the ball over the goal. Ruiz was again called into action soon after as Dryden turned her defender in front of goal but could not beat the in form goalkeeper on a low shot.

The game opened up again with LEH taking the lead after Alice Goodinge picked out Taya Jackson cutting across goal who managed to squeeze the ball round the keeper with a modified shovel shot (3-2). The lead was short lived as Godolphin gained possession once again and the influential Dryden being doubled, fed Annie Butcher unmarked in front of goal who bounced the ball into the net (3-3)

With four minutes left Godolphin took their first lead of the game, Dryden continuing to cause the LEH defence problems, dodged to goal and forced the crash by the defence but remained calm and once again managed to pick out one of her team-mates, this time Katie Butcher finishing high (4-3)

LEH gained the possession from the draw as Godolphin took too long to re-set, LEH went straight to goal with Taya Jackson firing a powerful low shot to the delight of the LEH supporters, guaranteeing an exciting final couple of minutes (4-4).

Annie Butcher had the final say in deciding the game as she picked up the groundball from the draw and started the Godolphin attack. After passing up top to her sibling she cut and received the feed from Katie Butcher to finish with a bounce shot. With a few seconds left on the clock there was no time for the centre draw, the final hooter went and Godolphin were crowned 2013 Champions to the delight of coach Storm Trentham and supporters who stormed the pitch.

In what was a great final with two top teams giving it all, the LEH team came close to winning and made Godolphin work extremely hard right up to the final hooter. Both teams can be proud of the level of lacrosse on show with a number of elite players giving it all and making the final a truly great game to watch.

Tournament MVP’s

    • Vivien Jones Memorial Award: Catherine Bailey (LEH)
    • Goalkeeper: Mimi Ruiz (LEH)
    • Defence: Laura Toolan (LEH)
    • Midfield: Katie Butcher (Godolphin)
    • Attack: Iona Dryden (Godolphin)


Lady Eleanor Holles School




Alice Goodinge


Steph Crews


Sadie Minors


Hannah Thomas


Polly Finch


Hannah Bray


Gunisha Vig


Katie Butcher


Lucy Jackson


Annie Butcher


Bethan George


Eva Bryan


Laura Toolan


Iona Dryden


Eloise Atfield


Mary Ingram


Taya Jackson


Emily Caswell


Feenie Ruiz


Ally Whittle


Amelia Miller


Elen Wyatt


Ellie Roberts


Eloise Musgrove


Mimi Ruiz


Suzanna Healey


Sarah Mann


Verity Marsh


Katherine Sayer


Emma Aubrey


Liv Bertolotti


Alex Healey


Katharine Bailey


Freya Isin


Pheobe Gregory