Reminder for all BUCS Men’s Lacrosse Teams

We would like to remind all BUCS men’s teams and officials that games are required to be played to set of a specific BUCS regulations. A full list of rules can be found on their website HERE. However, we have listed the BUCS specific regulations below. We ask for everyone to please ensure that all games adhere to these regulations.

LAC 1 – Affiliations
All clubs are required to affiliate to the relevant National Governing Body. Clubs failing to affiliate by 1 November 2014 will be deducted 1 league point from every team.

The Men’s Lacrosse Championship will be conducted under the Laws of the FIL.

LAC 6 – Competition Format

LAC 6.1
All teams will compete in regional Conferences with league finishing positions determining progression to the Knockouts at the end of the season.

A minimum of 8 players on either side is required to start a match. Teams with 7 players or less automatically concede a walkover

LAC 8 – Competition Regulations

LAC 8.1 – Referees

LAC 8.1.1
All men’s matches will be officiated by two qualified referees to a minimum of Level 1 – Basic Refereeing Award appointed by the home team.

LAC 8.1.2
All men’s teams are required to submit to BUCS the names of at least 2 qualified Officials within the club who are able to officiate in the absence of neutral officials. Clubs failing to register by 29 November 2013 will be deducted 1 league point from every team.

LAC 8.2    Pitch Size
Pitches must be marked to the minimum dimensions as outlined in the FIL regulations. Please note these dimensions are different to those in the women’s game. Unified pitch markings shall be used if shared between both codes

LAC 8.3 – Tie on Points in a League
In the event of a tie on points for leadership of a League the procedure shall be determined as per REG 9.9.

LAC 8.4- Tie in Knock out matches including Semi Final & Final Matches
In the event of a tie at the end of a match, two periods of extra time of four minutes each way (with stopped clock) will be played. The two periods will be played in full, regardless of whether or not goals are scored. If the scores are still level, then four-minute periods of sudden death (with stopped clock) will be played with the first team to score being the winners. The teams will change ends after each sudden-death period.

NB: League matches CAN result in a tie. If at the end of normal time the score is tied then the match will be counted as a draw and each team will receive one point.

LAC 8.5 – Substitutes
Substitutes shall be used in accordance with current FIL regulations.

LAC 8.6 – Squad Size
Maximum squad size for men’s matches is 23 players.