Sue Redfern Steps Down As English Lacrosse Board Chair

Sue Redfern steps down as English Lacrosse recruits the first ever independent Board Chair for Lacrosse

It is with great regret English Lacrosse (EL) announces that long standing Board Chair, Sue Redfern, has stepped down from her position.

The Board, as part of the ongoing modernisation of lacrosse’s governance, is now seeking to immediately recruit our first ever independent Chair to continue Sue’s great work and lead the organisation’s future development. The Board is working with Sport England and other key partners to assist in the recruitment of this key individual and more information including a job description and advert will be available later this week. In the immediate future, the Board will look to the Co-Presidents, David Marsden and Sue Livock to chair and represent the organisation until we appoint our new independent Chair.

English Lacrosse celebrates Sue Redfern’s achievements

Sue Redfern has been a dynamic leader for Lacrosse over the last 5 years and has been a key driving force for change, especially in improving the decision making structures and the way the sport is governed.  Sue took over the chair at a time when greater accountability and modernisation was being demanded of sport governing bodies and she relished the task of improving all aspects of our structure to assist in the growth and development of the game.

Sue has worked tirelessly for Lacrosse during the last 5 years in chairing the Board, line managing the Chief Executive, implementing the governance modernisation plan, recruiting new Board members both independent from lacrosse as well as within it, representing us at numerous conferences and attending staff meetings to provide the volunteer view on what we do.

Her passion, drive, professionalism, selflessness and humour have always been evident in all that she has done for Lacrosse as our Chair and we want to say THANK YOU SUE.

CEO acknowledges Sue Redfern achievements as Chair

Mark Coups, English Lacrosse Chief Executive, praised Sue’s achievements within her role as Board Chair and highlights the work she has done

“Sue has been truly wonderful for the development of Lacrosse’s organisation over the last five years.  Her achievements will be recognised in the future as a watershed for the sport where we moved to a more progressive and modern structure able to govern and manage a growing sport and business.  Lacrosse owes Sue huge thanks for all her time and effort in leading the Board and sport through these changes and I want to add my own personal thanks for all the support she has provided me as Chief Executive over the last 4 years.”

Sue has received a number of thanks for her work over the last five years and if you would like to add yours please contact

Sue’s Work for Lacrosse Continues

Sue will continue to devote time and expertise to the sport through her involvement with the 2017 FIL Rathbones Women’s Lacrosse World Cup and the 2018 FIL Men’s Lacrosse World Championship Strategic Boards.. Sue’s experience of working with the Federation of International Lacrosse and her former experience as Vice President of the women’s international association, IFWLA, will be invaluable in the delivery of these events.

Mark Coups said “Keeping Sue involved in the organisation of Lacrosse was essential and I am delighted that she has agreed to continue in a number of key volunteer roles to assist us”.