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Super League Draft Annoucement

In the 2015 Super League coaches will draft players to their teams. The draft process will be as follows.

  • Coaches receive the registered players list. The registration process will close on March 2nd 2015.
  • Coaches are permitted to retain 8 Super League 2014 squad players in their 2015 squads.
  • Coaches are encouraged to put together a drafting group to help them review and scout  the remaining registered players.

The draft will then be carried out as follows:

  • The team seeded fourth will have 1st pick in each round, then 3rd seed, 2nd seed and finally 1st seed. This will continue until squads have 24 players.

Not signed up yet ? Register to play in the 2015 Super League before March 2nd.


Northern Storm (Seed 1)

Warwick Mavericks (Seed 2)

Surrey Jets (Seed 3)

London Royals (Seed 4)